Manufacturing CRM- Bridge Between Demand & Supply

Introduction to Manufacturing Industry :

Current Global Market scenario is forcing all manufacturing industry to become customer centric, instead of, product centric. Days are gone, when a company manufacture their material, sit back & wait to sell that product. Now, they are bound to carry their process according to the needs & demands of the target customer, if they want to survive, moreover, it is the only alternate to gain good revenues in business. The manufacturing sector has been facing the phase of many evolution & changes. To meet all types of global challenges, they are implementing Manufacturing CRM Supply chain software can help you integrate manufacturing with supply processes โ€“ for faster response to change and customer demand.


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Why CRM for Managing Demand & Supply in Manufacturing Industry?

  • Good Coordination among Departments:

Facilitates coordination & communication by providing consolidate database of clients & their demand’s  information.

  • Easy Access:

Any time & any where access to accurate information within CRM system including top clients by sales, purchases, relationships between organisations.

  • Improves Client Retention

Improves client retention by providing them with a delightful experience with the help of more personalized service and opportunities

  • Value Add in Sales Process

Shorten the sales process & effective sales pipelines by effectively managing and assessing opportunities in  CRM.

  • Paper Less Operations

Improves productivity by eliminating paper-based administration and automate the complete business processes with online based CRM for manufacturing solutions

  • MIS & Reports

An Efficient management of sales team by instantly generating performance related MIS & reports.

  • Demand & Supply Segregation as per Products

Easy & Quick access of number of enquiries made for any product or number of sales order closed for the same.

Key Benefits of Manufacturing CRM:

  • Enhance & maintain Customer Relationship
  • By Manufacturing CRM, you can track all the interaction with the customers & manage the database efficiently
  • Anywhere & Anytime access that make you mobile & helps you to take important decision any point of time.
  •  By the help of Manufacturing CRM, you can coordinate very well, with your sales department & track down the customer’s trends to plan further company’s strategies.
  • Business Intelligence
  • By Manufacturing CRM, you can get the idea of changing market condition & trends. So that, you work accordingly

  • You can analyze future pipeline & opportunities for further business & revenue opportunities

  • You can efficiently evaluate your strategies & plans for your business processes.

  • Earn More Revenues
  • By the help of manufacturing CRM, you can ensure you maximum returns on investment that you have done for all marketing campaigns.

  • You can automate you process with very less effort

  • You don’t require extra hardware, IT & manpower support.

  • Improvement in quality of Products & services
  • You can resolve & redress customer’s queries & complaints efficiently.

  • You can track the customer’s action & reaction for any product, that make you pro-active in your offerings of products & services.

  • You can gain valuable information from the customers, that can be used for future reference or knowledge while manufacturing any of your product.

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