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What is Cloud Based CRM Application?

WHAT IS A CLOUD PLATFORM? Cloud Platform enables developers to build, test and deploy applications on highly scalable and reliable infrastructure. WHAT IS CLOUD COMPUTING? In Today’s IT infrastructure “Cloud Computing” has its own nature and importance, cloud methodology enables companies to reduce their In-House IT infrastructure and its cost.  For example, Companies have their […] more

Streamlining & Increasing Sales through SalesBabu CRM

Most of us consider CRM, with respect to storing relevant customer data. Have you ever thought of how CRM can be effectively used to streamline sales process and in turn increase sales productivity! As part of our numerous implementations, there is a clear relationship between implementing CRM to effectively handling leads, increasing customer satisfaction by timely support & […] more

Cloud Computing & CRM – SalesBabu CRM

“Cloud Computing” is the latest buzz word in IT industry and rapidly changing or shaping up the economic and technological value of the businesses. Cloud computing can be defined as an On Demand Service, hosted over a network of computers or internet, access resources of the cloud system from anywhere, from any system using a simple […] more

What is Customer Relationship Management(CRM)

Customer Relationship Management [CRM] is a business strategic tool which helps in developing great relations with your customer. The prime factor here is customer satisfaction. CRM is a process where a company with the aid of technology, sales team, marketing and various other methods interact with their customer. This interaction is vital to have feedback’s, to earn leads […] more

Online Sales Management Software: Smart Tool for Small Organisations

CRM Software is the most helpful tool that systemically improves relationships with customers. Software professionally manages the record of interactions with the leads and customers. It offers advance technology that automates, synchronize and organize services, sales, marketing and support. CRM Software records each activity. Automation of tasks and improved workflow enables companies to focus more on […] more

Traits Of Leadership :

Traits of Leadership

The definition of leadership varies from person to person. You have a different perspective for the term “leader” and I may have another. But the traits required to be an efficient leader remains the same for all.  So, what may be leadership?  Leadership is the process of influencing the activities of the individual or a […] more

Reduce Operational Cost With Inventory Management System

Inventory On –Demand is a cloud based solutions. In comparison of traditional inventory software using On-Demand SalesBabu Inventory Solution is easier. Efficient Inventory management plays a key role in the success of any Manufacturing or Trading business. SalesBabu On-demand Inventory can be operated through internet connecting browser you will be billed as per your usage on annual […] more

Change With Time “Add Payroll Management Software For better Efficiency”

Payroll management is a crucial part of every business be it a small or big. Payroll management is managing and recording all necessary information of employees, to process salaries, annual reviews and complete all statuary requirements. Payroll process absorbs major energy & Time of HR Employees. Payroll management is monotonous which involves capturing multiple small-small […] more

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