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Tools And Tips To Improve Medical Product Sales In A Challenging Marketplace

Tools And Tips To Improve Medical Product Sales In A Challenging Marketplace

Medical devices are the products or equipments or instruments which are used for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment or relief of a disease, disability, injury and more. Medical devices cover a wide range of products which includes wheelchairs, glasses, pacemakers, dental crowns, hip implants, blood pressure monitors, breast implants, catheters, syringes, and many more. Medical devices […] more

Cloud Based CRM For Medical Device Companies

CRM Implementation In Medical Equipment Company

What is the purpose of implementing CRM Software for Medical Device Manufacturers? The Gartner magic quadrant for CRM – Customer Engagement explains the most critical questions of flexibility and scalability that the manufacturing industries must address in order to boost customer service levels. The manufacturing industry is facing identical issues and needs to adapt to […] more

SalesBabu-CRM-for-Pharma-Industry :

SalesBabu CRM for Pharma Industry

In the present techno world, even pharma industry has lots of  challenges and hardships to be faced. Thus, implementing a system for managing the pharma activities with a business strategy in mind becomes easy to overcome the hurdles or challenges. CRM in the pharma is centralized to make the data of the drugs or product […] more

What is Cloud Based CRM Application?

WHAT IS A CLOUD PLATFORM? Cloud Platform enables developers to build, test and deploy applications on highly scalable and reliable infrastructure. WHAT IS CLOUD COMPUTING? In Today’s IT infrastructure “Cloud Computing” has its own nature and importance, cloud methodology enables companies to reduce their In-House IT infrastructure and its cost.  For example, Companies have their […] more

Pharma CRM in your Pharmaceutical Company

Introduce Pharma CRM in your Pharmaceutical Company

About Pharmaceutical Industry Globally known India is one of the largest countries providing generic medicine, vaccines supplies. India is having a good position in the global pharmaceutical segment. Medicines produced by the pharmaceutical companies are prescribed by the Doctors.  The Role of Doctors in Pharma CRM Software Doctors’ role is to diagnose the diseases, provide […] more