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How SalesBabu CRM is helping Many Businesses Increase Customer Happiness

How SalesBabu CRM is helping Many Businesses Increase Customer Happiness

Customer Support has become an essential part of almost every business enterprise nowadays. In a cut throat market, customer service is moving away from the siloed approach and businesses are incorporating customer support automation into their business intelligence strategies. Today companies prefer efficient ticketing software like SalesBabu online CRM for boosting their customer satisfaction. SalesBabu […] more

TIPS For Successfull CRM Migration

4 Tips To Make CRM Migration Successful

If you are planning to perform CRM migration with minimum risks or need any other help with CRM-related issues, you are welcome to consider SalesBabu CRM. In today’s competitive business, customers have higher expectations for service delivery than even a year ago. A CRM solution is no longer optional – it’s a must-have for businesses […] more

Ticket Management Software | Help Desk Ticketing System

Essential Features that a HelpDesk Ticket Management Software Should Have

Cloud based ticketing systems are being used by the manufacturers, service providers and customer support call centres and operations running companies to boost its customer relations. A CRM ticketing system is allowing the customer support teams to capture complaints, manage those related issues and track the status of customer tickets in a collaborative manner. USP […] more

How to Solve online sales CRM Adoption Deadlock

How to Solve CRM Tool Adoption Deadlock

We have been seeing the companies in present days willing to implement a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution as a top priority, which helps their sales force streamlining. Companies want to have the latest technology based online CRM for their sales processes and improving customer experience. Online sales CRM for the salespeople is useful in […] more