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what is cloud computing|

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing, cloud hosting and cloud services have become one of those recent trends in the present market. Every industry irrespective of the size of the business is focusing on cloud technologies in order to enhance the economic as well as business value.  Let us know about cloud computing technology in detail. What is cloud […] more

Benefits of Service CRM software in service industry

Benefits of CRM Software For Service Industry

The service industry plays a unique role in the development of the economy as it creates services rather than tangible objects. The service industry in India is one of the largest sectors of India. The service sector accounts for about 54.40% of India’s total GVA(Gross Value Added).  India’s service sector covers a huge variety of […] more

Mobile CRM App

Why Is Mobile CRM Important For Your Business?

What is mobile CRM? Technology has made it easy to complete most of the work with handheld smartphones and tablets. Customer relationship management (CRM) is the key to enterprise success. CRM dynamics involves capturing data about the customer, their dealings with the company, and other details. The company then uses this information to create a […] more

How CRM Helps Businesses Engage Customers-Better :

How CRM Helps Businesses Engage Customers – Better

What is customer engagement or client engagement? To be very precise, it is the act of engaging your customers with your brand or organisation through an online communication methods.  What is customer engagement?  Customer engagement is a form of business communication connection between an external customer and the organisation through various other channels of correspondence. […] more