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Improve sales intelligence by combining your CRM with AI

Improve sales intelligence by combining your CRM with AI

What is Artificial Intelligence?  Artificial intelligence refers to the “study and design of artificial agents”.  What is AI powered technology?  AI powered technology is one of the best technological advancements which is drastically changing our experience and ideology towards day-to-day operations. The use of Artificial intelligence is increasing all over the world.  The benefits of […] more

What can Online CRM System do for my Business?

What can Online CRM System do for my Business?

What is CRM (Customer Relationship Management)? Even if you have never used a CRM system before in your organization, you’ve probably heard the term echoing through your industry. You must be aware that many business houses (including your competitors) are implementing online CRM software because it saves time and drives sales and supports to sell […] more

Get over your Cloud Security concerns|

Get Over your Cloud Security Concerns

The Cloud technology is one of the trending business strategies used by various businesses in the present market. The cloud comes with various benefits like – all-time accessibility, cost-effective, higher flexibility and storage etc etc…and the list goes on.  What is Cloud Computing?  Cloud computing is an On-Demand availability of the computer system resources which […] more

Mobile CRM Software

Ever since the mobile apps have entered the market, it has created a milestone for itself. Every category of the market has several kinds of apps that is at your fingertips. And in the future time period the smartphones and apps are going to be a fundamental part of the business. Even now you can […] more

CRM Quotation Software

Online Sales Quoting & Proposal Software

With the Sales Quoting module (Business Quotation Maker) in SalesBabu CRM software, it empowers you to prepare an effective, professional quote for your customers’ consideration, complete with rich content and full technical specifications. It’s simple to add cross-sell and up-sell suggestions to maximize your potential sell-through. Also you have much more information to prepare a […] more

What is Expense Management_

What is Expense Management?

We have already given a brief introduction of “Expense Management“, but we wanted to dive deeper into what expense management actually is and how it can help your organization. If you’ve any queries, or insights into how you manage expenses in a small business then leave us a comment – we’d love to hear from […] more

Customer Relationship Management software

What is CRM System?

There was a time when CRM was termed to be a failure in terms of generating revenue for the business and was treated as a liability for the company. But, CRM system has evolved over the decades. And presently, the Customer Relationship Management Software has become the buzzword in the market. From bug enterprises to […] more