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Advantages of having distributors

What Are the Advantages of Having Distributors?

Manufacturers and business members have many ways of getting their company goods and products to the customers, prospects, and consumers. One important option is for the manufacturer and business member to create its own end-user business sales division and sell directly to the consumers and prospects. An alternative and another best choice to sell directly […] more

Challenges that are Faced in a Distribution Channel

Challenges Faced in a Distribution Management System

In India, the distribution channels have always been traditional and unique. The structure of the distribution channel will vary from every industry, to put it simply, every business organization or industry has its own structure of the distribution channel. Every business organization has its own ways of maintaining the important data of their inventory, sales […] more

Boost Your Retail Distribution Management Strategy

5 Ways to Boost Your Retail Distribution Management Strategy

Managing distribution refers to the efficient, effective, and successful movement of your brand, products, and goods from the place of your production to the place of your sales. It is a term that encircles a wide range of events and activities, which include inventory management,  warehouse management, supplier and vendor business relationship management, logistics management, […] more