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In Manufacturing Units, companies always focus on Production floor as it is necessary to meet demand on time; but the process workflow effect overall order processing efficiency; else it lead to downfall of Sales in Business.

Due to evolution of global market & changing work patterns, manufacturing unit are changing their work pattern and IT services, which helps them to avoid the production centric approach. Now manufacturing units more focus on exact customer’s requirements and trying to improve their Service Levels Agreements (SLA) which help them to retain and increase customer pool. Since we all know product development always start on its Demand and demand always comes from Product users (Customers). CRM is a feasible & robust tool to capture entire customer’s needs and their product interest along with their behavior. CRM in Manufacturing Industry enable companies to track entire sales business along with customers work orders till product dispatches. Production units always required a strong flow of communication tool within the all internal process for smooth business operations. But now companies going to take initiative and want to remove the communication barriers with the help of CRM. Manufacturing CRM who can streamline entire part of a production floor related to Sales process, order processing and much more. CRM allows companies to take a detailed overview of their customers’ needs and requirements.


Challenge with Manufacturing Units?

  • How to Synchronize Communication within the entire business tires?
  • How to do forecast on customer product interest?
  • How to increase customer pool?
  • Is it possible to keep track on Sales Funnel?
  • Is it possible to manage Work Order on single screen?
  • How we know product production cost?
  • How to schedule Job Work on production Floor?
  • Is it possible to get automated reminder on pending Work Orders?
  • How to maintain customer orders on single screen?
  • How to synchronize product stock?
  • Is it possible to keep track of customer behavior?


CRM for Manufacturing Industry | SalesBabu CRM, India

CRM for Manufacturing Industry | SalesBabu CRM, India


Why CRM is necessary in Manufacturing?

As we all knew about CRM benefits and its functionality, CRM is necessary for manufacturing units to reduce the operational cost on their major business process, like sales, order processing, lead & account management.

  • Enable to Get Automatic Prediction on product demand
  • Manage Bill of materials Efficiently
  • Manage Entire Database centrally
  • Enable to Increase Production Floor Productivity
  • Enable to maintain all the sales force on single screen
  • Enable for Customer Engagement programs
  • Enable to track Entire lead source
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction by (SLA)
  • Enable to Set automatic Task Reminders
  • Enable to handle Scatter Work Orders on one computer screen
  • Enable to do efficient planning for JOB Works
  • Enable for best customer retention


Benefits of SalesBabu CRM in Production Units

Lucrative Customer Relations

SalesBabu CRM helps companies to enhance relation with their customers, so that they easily come to know about customer requirement & their reaction on any new product.

Enhance Manufacturer’s Production Floor Capacity

SalesBabu CRM enables manufacturing units to increase their Work Productivity in terms of sales business, CRM enable companies to get prior automatic notification reminders on material stock, it moving cost and product consumption.

Improve Lead & Dispatch Process

SalesBabu CRM for Manufacturing Industries enable companies to track Dispatch & Delivery time of the item demanded by the customer and also helps them in tracking of total delivery time, which improves the Dispatch tier & enhance customer interest in to your services due to your perfect Dispatching process.

Customer Retention

SalesBabu CRM helps organizations to enhance existing customer pool and retain your lost customers via a 360 visibility on Customer behavior and their requirements

That is how, CRM for Manufacturing Industry is a lucrative tool, where Companies can work smoothly & increase the business profitability and also can make a good position into the mindset of the prospected target market.

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