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What is Customer Service | SalesBabu CRM

What Is Customer Service | SalesBabu CRM

“Good customer service costs less than bad customer service.” Customer service meaning Customer Service is the service you provide to your customers before, during and after sales. Customer Service is considered to be one of the major factors in the business because it ensures the customer’s satisfaction and also encourages the customer to buy more.  […] more

Customer Complaints Stemming from Poor Inventory Control :

Customer Complaints Stemming from Poor Inventory Control

Many business owners state that the biggest challenge in administering their business comes in stock and inventory management. While many companies have organised methods of capital investment in inventory, over 43% of small companies have reported using manual processes or no tracking methods for handling their inventory. Understanding your inventory requirements and a fair knowledge […] more

CRM And Customer Experience: How Online CRM Helps In Providing Better Customer Relationships :

Online CRM And Customer Experience

Creating a strong and emotional bond with your customers is very necessary for any business. You might be a small business, big enterprise or a startup but making better customer relationships are never going out of trend. More than just surviving in the competitive market, flourishing in the competitive market will yield you more success. […] more

5 Reasons you need to keep your CRM upto date :

5 Reasons you need to keep your CRM upto date

A smart investment pays you the best interest! Do you wish of having a well organised and managed working environment? Yes, everyone does. A well organised and managed organisation not only gains brand image but also boosts the revenue of the company. Besides the management activities, maintaining good relationship with your customers and clients is […] more