After Sales Service Solutions In Weighing Industry

Every industry has its specific issues and they are facing different problem in day to day work. In today’s business scenario most of the companies knows benefit of using CRM; but, they require specific CRM software; which can cater all specific challenges faced by them, provide required information on single platform, it should be flexible to manage and easy to use solution.

CRM for Weighing Industry

In Manufacturing – weighing industry is one of the fast growing sector and automation of traditional weighing equipments globally required more strategic functioning to complete the complex task of product manufacturing and after sales of produce product. The process update required a lot of sales support & maintenance at client sight.  Since, in every business both tiers (sales & after Sales) are equally important.

In a traditional way of B2B business process where Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) provide their service through a Network of Dealers, also they outsource their after sales service tier due to its Onsite cost and complaint handling barriers. Today companies working style has been changed, and now they are adopting CRM to provide enhanced customer support to their clients.  CRM implementation undertake all operations related to after product sales, such as Product installations, Product PMS Service, Product warranties, Product attached accessories warranties effectively via single channel of resources.

Challenges in Weighing Industry

  • How to handled AMC & installation Scheduling?
  • How to maintain Service Call reports?
  • How to manage Installation reports?
  • How to increase SLA Rate along with Service engineer daily productivity?
  • Is it possible to calculate weekly revenue earned via after sales services?
  • How to close customer complaint within the given Tarn Around Time (TAT)?

Benefits of CRM in Weighing Industry

  • Enable to Engineer’s for Automatic AMC & installation Reminders

CRM offer automatic reminders related to predefined task; so that engineer’s easily map their coming work schedules and can improve their work productivity and increase service business revenue.

  • Increase Revenue & Retain you Customer

CRM helps you to track the nature& behavior of your customers; which enable you to know their exact requirement and subscribe there predefined solutions.

  • Map Your SLA with Existing Service Rate

CRM enable your Service mangers to close complaints – on call, fast and error free; which gives you a smooth functioning on all Open and Closed Complaints with their defined TAT. That is how you can easily MAP your SLA with your existing Service Rate.


Benefits of SalesBabu CRM in Weighing Industry

  • Increase your Customers & Service Revenue

Services Sale – in terms of business revenue, where you need to put personal effort with your existing customer, you always need such kind of Robot who can easily understand all the customer requirement and problems and on the basis of that, he/she should be able to suggest a last feasible solution to him. CRM fulfill this feature through predefined Solution Master, and helps you to retain those Customer who left you in the mid of your journey.

  • Get automated Schedulers about AMC, Installations and PMS

Enable to companies define automated schedulers to complete the installation, annual maintenance and PMS visits to increase the company service graph. 

  • Warranty Measurement at BOM level

CRM enable you to get notification about product Warranties ending date, on their BOM or Accessories in advance, so that your customer service manager can call to your customer and ask for AMC, or to extend product warranty.

  • Get  Robust Complaint tracker &  Solution Master

CRM Enable you with a complain tracker within the organization, so that you can easily track the customer complaints and it’s differ aspect with predefine solution. So that service engineer can close complaints more speedily, which can enhance your service level in the market.


Although, we all believe tangible sales; but, intangible sales also a big opportunity in terms of service revenue, cross selling and customer retention. Almost all service companies’ employ some sort of CRM to Simplify, Boost and Streamline certain functions and business tiers to automate Customer Service, and to create a digital data of business transactions with its Clients. Especially if you are a weighing product manufacturer, SalesBabu CRM gives you a platform where you can manage your Entire SLA, Complaints, Product Installation, AMC’S, PMS Visits On a single platform without any kind of external Support.  Request Demo