Things to Do Before Sleep That Will Jump Start Tomorrow

Late to bed and early to rise and you’ll probably do better than the other guys! This might not be the proverb which we were taught as kids, but this is what the corporate reality looks like. No wonder there are black holes under the eyes and fat accumulating all over the body. Let’s start from the beginning, How to wake up actually feeling rejuvenated and fresh? Without the necessary energy to carry you throughout the day, the promotion you have been waiting for might never come.

So how to convert your dream (pun intended) of waking up refreshed into reality?

We have 5 tips for you to do just that:

  1. Reading.

Right from your childhood elders have been stressing on the benefits of reading as much as possible and no matter how hectic your life is, you would never regret devoting the 10 minutes before sleeping to a good book instead of chatting with friends or watching sitcoms. It really works!

  1. Keep alarm as far as possible.

Yes. As strange as it sounds, it’s better to stop procrastinating and get up at the first chime of the alarm clock. Repeated snoozing only worsens the situation in addition to wastage of precious minutes in the early morning. Sometimes those few minutes are the ones who make the difference between on time and being late. Keep the alarm clock on the other side of the room and get up to turn it off.

  1. No screens.

This is going to be the most painful of the lot! Most people would choose to stay away from their spouses rather than their phones! Spending time in front of a screen can disrupt your sleep cycle as well as delay the coming of sleep. There is always just one more message which has to be replied until you realize you have wasted an hour.

  1. Get sun.

With the power of a million megawatts, nothing can wake you up like the almighty sun! Additional perks include a healthy dose of vitamin d! A few minutes admiring the early morning sun will more than just wake you up. It also provides you with more hope and desire to excel, and a positive attitude goes a long way towards success.

  1. A glass of water.

A popular phrase “Jal hi jeewan hai”, meaning water is life has more applications than the obvious. We exhale water vapor every time we breathe and while we replenish it during the day, the long hours of the night we practically drain ourselves dry. So a big glass of water can give you a much needed push towards a healthier day!

A good start is the first step towards a good day and in turn a good life. Focus on the smaller things and the bigger things will eventually fall into place. Give the simple steps we mentioned a try and let us know how they work out! Our best wishes are with you!