Road Map to Reach Customer Satisfaction

Customer Service is a critical part of every business. Every day there is new challenge, and new tact’s to handle them are required. Customer Service performance doesn’t bring brings impact to its department only but also effects others departments like Sales, Accounts, Marketing, production indirectly. It also plays important role in strategy Planning.

It’s not wrong if we call Customer Service Department as the Life line of business. Customer Service department is basically Customer CARE and if you care, your customers will never go.

Follow correct direction and basic milestone you can never fail to satisfy your customer. Even though the issue is not resolved the customer will trust you.


Customer Satisfaction & Happiness should be the Focused Direction.

Never Avoid Customer

The First milestone is achieved when Customer receives Prompt Attention. Understand Customer is calling you for help and you can extend your help. Don’t avoid Receive call or call back if you miss it & don’t delay in replying mails or use auto replier for prompt response.

Listen to Understand-

Listen to your customer with care & patience to understand the problem to the Core. Acknowledge that the problem which is related to the product or service which you have sold them. So it is very important to understand the correct problem and pin point the cause. If you are able to Pin Point the correct cause the Second Milestone achieved.

Attentively find the right solution to resolve the problem. Action plan should be clear and precise, what to do and how? Giving the solution and making client understand it to his satisfaction is achievement of the Third Mile stone.

Be Truthful-

Now, it becomes service department responsibility to be truthful and not take advantage of client’s situation. Give them truthfully best possible budget and original products keeping in mind long term relationship. This is a critical part which needed to be addressed with at most attention. Client accepting your offer is the Forth mile stone achieved.


Time Commitment-

You can’t commit instant solution, as you can’t be sure of no other problem cropping up while service. But at least you can commit the correct slot and the day, when it will be attended. Beware of making Wrong commitments. If you foresee unforeseen reason which is failing your commitment, immediately inform client about the delay with justified reason. Make sure to be connected till your person attend & complete the call. This is the  Fifth mile stone to be achieved.

Closing the call –

Finally taking satisfaction report from client and closing call on a happy note is The Destination. This is final & lasting impression you leave on client’s mind which will make them come back to you.

The Customer should go happy and satisfied in such a way they come back to you and trust your services. Once trust is formed it will remain forever.

Our Customer should feel “We CARE”