GST: A Key Milestone In India’s Tax Reforms


Finally, a defined moment in India’s tax reforms. Seven years later, it seems that one of the consistent GST regimes for introduction of the Center and the States reached a compromise formula between.

However, the revised GST Bill originally equally uniform. GST all indirect taxes imposed by the Center (for example excise duty, service tax etc.), as well as States (including an entry tax) levies VAT and local taxes imposed by applicable. However, the revised GST billed outside the scope of the petroleum products and real estate transactions, as Finance Ministers empowered the Committee suggested. Instead, he caused the rule of Central GST States agreed to guarantee compensation.

It was introduced in the Lok Sabha as revised GST Bill, SGST and CGST suggest as double taxation. SGST VAT tax, luxury tax, lottery, entertainment on status and state excise tax on the aforesaid detect while CGST, additional excise duty, service tax, drug and toiletries preparations Act, special additional customs charges, surcharges, higher education and secondary education cess.

The basic principle is that all the import, manufacture and production of goods and provision of services and the consumption end with, they are worthy of being included. Alcohol and petroleum products for consumption and taxes on the goods the goods/ Supply of services not related to taxes GST is excluded from. GST rate structure, offer two rates:

(I) Basic objects of importance to low rates; and

(Ii) a standard rate for goods in General.

Exports are exempt from taxes the taxpayer a small category [(gross annual turnover less than 1.5 crores (yet to be finalized)] CGST, SGST and input tax credits-free. No opinion or advice for discussion.

CGST were against taxes as input tax credits against the CGST will be allowed and so even in the case of SGST goods and services in the case of Interstate supply input tax credits are not allowed to cross-yujlait. In the case of Interstate supply of goods and services, the Centre will pay, including IGST SGST and CGST will include both. In this case, the input tax credit allowed SGST IGST and CGST. Cargo or freight transfer transaction exchanges be fully exempted from the zero rate, consider the appropriate provision under this Act.

At this time, the reality for more than a year with GST regime leading to administrative and operative systems remove GST in information of all stakeholders-the Central and State Governments, business institutions, professionals, academics and is the responsibility of the other players. This smooth transition when you reduce the incidence of litigation and will help in better governance.