Emerging Cyber Security Threats In Small Business

As the time passing by, most of the business is getting increasingly dependent upon the internet. Be it monetary transactions or any other sort of confidential activities, more and more organizations are making them active upon the internet. Because of  such activities,   greater risks of Cyber attacks  are getting an  obvious matter.

Month October is widely acknowledged in  America as Cyber  Security Awareness Months which is a good start to increase awareness regarding the vulnerable cyber security threats, their impacts, and their remedies. Small business are more susceptible of getting the victim of such vicious attacks as they don’t bring their concern much towards such small but critical issues. Let’s discuss some of the prominent cyber security threats and tips to eliminate their risks.

1) Spam Mails:-Spam mails are the emails that are sent in bulk to a large group. The purpose is mainly to advertisements or promotions. Sometimes, these mails contains malicious links that can potentially harm your system and can tamper your data.

Remedy:- Equip your system with a good spam filtering software. A good software will properly judge your spam mails. Avoid clicking on the malicious links contained in the junk mails.

2) Malware and Spyware Attacks: Protection of your system from malicious softwares such as virus, trojan horses, worms etc is indispensable .Such kind of softwares  can steal confidential information from your system and are a potential threat. Many times, such softwares come along as an additional attraction with some original softwares to gather marketing demography.

Remedy:- A good quality antivirus is a mandate for any computer system.  Good quality antiviruses or firewalls  warns you when they find any suspicious website or suspicious file intervening with your system. They also block websites bringing viruses or Trojans.

3) SSL Protection:- Secure Socket Layer Technology is advised as one of the  best protection against the identity thefts. Identity thefts are those that try  to steal personal information for some malicious purposes. Such personnel information is stolen while using credit cards, banking details or other such information.

4) Banking Trojans:- Banking Trojans are designed to steal your  name and password detail while getting logged into the banking website. They can pursue this through a phishing email or a downloadable item.

Remedy:– Banking Trojans may not be completely removed through antiviruses or firewalls. The best protection against them is to have a simple  computer system, laptop, palmtop etc. just for your banking functionalities and not to  use it for other purposes.