The Customer is Always Right? Is It so


The first rule of customer service is “Customer is always Right” mainly for business that rely on consumers to provide direction and profit. Of course, in order to be right, customers have to be heard. Now, days there are so many social media platforms where customer can speak apart from the phone and emails of the buyer company. Buyer companies are using these platforms for marketing purpose and if they don’t respond to customer voice instantly, this leaves bad impression about the company. But the things are not limited to just conveying one messaging.

Once consumers figured out how loud their voices could be on the Internet, they were off and running. Now, customers who felt wronged had a platform where they could shout about their treatment – and be heard. Retailers these days are depending on good word of mouth and recommendations on social media.

In a recent survey report states that customers have the best experience, bad experience compared to 140% more people who may have to spend and they can live up to about six times by customers. In addition, customers with your friends and family to share your experiences, good and bad, compared to traditional marketing can affect them too much. The study also showed that 88% of consumers ‘ assessment of the quality of the local businesses to read online reviews and personal recommendations these recommendations as well as trust.

To test the power of Word of mouth consumer a certain way these days to keep myself out of there. Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding to ask business social tools give a chance, ‘ How do you think we are? ‘And get answers in this approach a new consumer action class is where the power to make the customer is always right-as long as they put their money where their mouth is.

As companies have more clearly important to your reputation and brand will see the future how social media, they weave into the fabric of social media experts key in favour of marketing media social media experts are beginning to work throughout the Organization Department.