5 Ways Generation Y Re-defining the Customer Experience

We all have heard that money changes the way we think. It has different effects on different thinks around. In business word “Generation Y” is first came across in 1980-2000. The largest most educated generation who actually able to spend money to get up-to date technology for them, since for them it is a race and they don’t want to be a runner-up. Generation Y has redefined the customer experience and continues to evolve and challenging businesses to keep up to their ever-changing expectations.

Here are 5 expectations “Generation Y” have for your brand:

  1. How fast you respond to customer queries has become almost as critical as the answers you provide. 71% of online shoppers claim that the most important thing a brand can do is to value the customer’s time. Not only that, but 52% will abandon online purchases if they are quick answers. Need for speed has never been such a major.
  2. The youth of Generation Y are early adopters who share the tendency to use multiple devices at once, switching between laptops, smartphones, and TV on an average of 27 times per hour. You must apply a smooth customer experience that makes all these to the new tachpainton, which provides meaningful engagement of every screen. If these abilities have been completed to assess the disappointment and failure.
  3. In line with the immediacy of engagement on social media, forums, review sites, et al., customers are now accustomed to selecting their own mode of communication for customer service on their terms, in their words, anytime and anywhere.
  4. A Report says 70% of customers expect a company website to include self-service tools. This is a time/money saving investment for your company as well. Self-service tools help deflect the repetitive, low-urgency questions that otherwise can clog up your chat/call queues and turn your customers off and away from your site.
  5. Slowly but surely we have top brands like Netflix and Amazon on your marketing, customer service and customer experience efforts at privatization began to integrate.

CRM, sophisticated websites that analyze cookie data and self-service platforms are technologies that help you show up for Generation Y to prove that you really get their interests. Use them to your advantage to assure the customer that your business understands his or her wants, needs, and interests.