Challenges in New Year and the SMART moves

challenges-nd-new-yearThe recession in full swing has got challenges to business around the world. Volatility in stock market, rising prices and week economics are challenges to be overcome by new and old businesses. These are leading to delayed orders and projects and overall atmosphere of cutbacks.

Businesses has the challenge to take this in a positive direction and adapt to new and effective ways to deal this with. Each and every part and process of business has to be fine-tuned to get the best output. Each area and department are discussed below.

Sales & Marketing process streamlining is one of the most important challenge to be undertaken by any organization big, medium or small. Its equally important for all to streamline and automate their pre-sales, sales and post sales processes. We should focus on customer retention and development focusing on the key customers, generating more sales from existing customers. Existing customers knows us well and we know them better. Already there is a trust buildup in the relationship which should be used in a positive direction. Remember the 20% of your customer gives you 80% of your turnover. Use of Sales Force Automation and Customer Relationship Management tools like SalesBabu CRM, help companies streamline and automate their sales process giving 360° view of the customer. CRM India is running high using SalesBabu CRM.

Inventory optimization is another area specially for manufacturing companies should look into seriously. Lot of scope is there with usage of Just in time(JIT), Kanban and other should be used based on what suits best.

Purchase & procurement should be planned and optimized to get better result.

Production can be optimized with better production planning & implantation. Better quality checks leading to improved product quality. Lean manufacturing and process improvements needs to be done as per specific industry vertical requirements.

Similarly HR department should focus on effective, flexible and easy to use Payroll system. SalesBabu provides ondemand payroll solution, payPLUS, which is simple and easy use. Yet a powerful cloud based solution which is flexible to adapt to organization’s policies. payPLUS modules include payroll processing, employee management, leave management, attendance management, Statutory Deductions – PF/ESI/PT/IT – TDS, employee self service.

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