Best Ways To Relax yourself at Work

The inside office environment in corporates in the current scenario is like getting in front of computers or laptops for hours and straining nerves to meet the deadlines.  No doubt, the money is earned, but that comes at the cost of periodical doctor’s visits, unhealthy life style, and unwanted stress.

How better it would be if work inside corporates get accompanied with some stress buster exercises!!!


This thinking is getting broadly accepted among the corporates .Nonetheless, gradually the idea is also getting implemented .After all, its obvious fact that healthy working environment will rejuvenate employees and they can contribute towards the growth of the organization with most of the zeal and enthusiasm.

Most of the organizations are bringing yoga and slight workout practices as a daily routine.

Some easy and relaxing exercises are as mentioned below:

  • For Eyes:move your eyes towards right and left, up and down and clockwise and anticlockwise motion. Repeat the process again. This soothes eyes that get most tired because of continuous working in front of systems, reading, writing etc.
  • For Wrists:Make hands straight, clinch your fist, and rotate both hands in clockwise and anticlockwise direction, this exercise is especially helpful for those who work while sitting for hours.
  • For Fingers:Close your fist; open it. Repeat it several times to ease and relax your fingers.
  • For Neck:Neck gets maximum stressed. For neck, rotate neck to left, then to right, then up and down, and repeats the whole process. Also make clockwise and anticlockwise movement of neck, which relaxes the nervous system your spinal cord.
  • Take Deep Breath:Deep breathing even for a small time while sitting can help overcome stress

All these short exercises take hardly 15 minutes of your day, but they contribute a lot in making your work environment calm. Give your body little time, and see the drastic change you bring to your work habits.