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4 Ways Effective Leaders Deal With Incompetent People

4 Ways Effective Leaders Deal With Incompetent People

A good leader is one who knows how to work with different types of people – even with the people who are not very great at work and are considering other options for jobs.

Also, a good leader should have the quality to motivate underperformers, coordinate with workers who are annoying to other workers and able to solve employee’s difficulties. This makes the leader job more difficult and frustrating.

Firing and avoiding such employees isn’t always an option, so the leader needs to keep him calm and manage these employees professionally, because at the end of the day if the team fails because of these employees, it shows the poor performance of Leader.

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Here are 4 ways to deal with incompetent employees in the team:

1. Communicate Clearly

The most common reason of non/wrong execution of any instruction is lack of communication between the team head and its employees. Sometimes employees are in confusion that weather to do this work or not, how to do this work, and at the end the work is not done or not correctly done by the employees.

Always establish a proper communication channel between the management and the employees, so that the instructions can be properly communicated between the management and the employees.

Sales force management softwares like SalesBabu CRM have various facilities where important details like assigned work items, upcoming meetings and events and more are documented at a common repository which can be accessed by different stakeholders at any time from anywhere.

Every update on each ticket and work items are clearly mentioned and accessed by both the manager and employee to have a common understanding on the work and also create a transparent and organised work environment in the team.

2. Document Everything

Human memory is not sharp enough to remember each and every instruction or order given to him. Unavoidable errors can be done while executing the instruction. And at the end everyone will blame each other for things which are not done.

To avoid such situation it’s better communication between the management and the employees should be in written form. So the instruction given by the management should reach in the same context to the employees. 

SalesBabu sales force management software automates the complete menial jobs of documentation and reports creation. Every tickets are updated with notes section with the details of complete work items on them and also various followup activities can be created to make sure every pending work item is completed properly with detailed information on the action required by different stakeholders.

3. Stay Cool

Every person has a breaking point – a point from where a team head can’t work with any of the employee. However, a good leader should avoid crossing that line. Good mental health is essential to stay calm.

Always take a break when caught in this type of situation. When there is a tension between leader and the team, always take a break and go out to find some place to de-stress and then come back to work again.

4. Be Prepared To Take Tough Decisions

After backing up the incompetent people just watch their performance for some time. Even then if they don’t perform, then it’s time for the team head to take a tough decision.

Always before taking any decision put the needs of the organization first, because whatever you decide ultimately the organization has to get benefit from it.

An organised system of the report and performance tracking is very important to understand the real picture on the field. Sales management software allow sales managers and team heads to create various inbuilt and custom reports which can be used to track individual performance based on the various factors like time taken to close a ticket, diligence in contacting clients on various pending work items and more. 

Once we have complete knowledge on the performance lag in an employee’s work curve is well understood, we can be ready to take decisions for the betterment of the company and the team.

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How can things be made better?

Effective Leaders Deal With Incompetent People

It’s often seen, employees have major issues with the company which does not have an efficient system of organised processes and management system. Many companies prefer to use various manual ways to organise their daily jobs but some try to use free software over the internet to save money and use minimum automated facilities possible. In such cases, employees not only struggle to do their daily jobs and end up having bad performance and no zeal to work in the company.

Many sales management softwares like Salesbabu CRM have been implemented in India for managing overall business processes and automating sales life cycle for better performance for both employees and the company’s revenue.

Let’s understand few features of SalesBabu which can be useful in improving employees efficiency in the firm.

  • Organised Management Process

It’s often seen that employees perform better in situations where they have organised system of work items assignment and management system. With cloud based centralised database, every detail are stored and maintained on the cloud. This allows employees and managers to have complete visibility of every work item at all times and create a standardised system of work assignment and tracking.

  • Performance Tracking Automation

Mobile sales app in SalesBabu CRM is very efficient tool to track every work item of employees on the move. Sales team can update their work items, closure sales cases and other important details when on the go and provide complete knowledge on their work items, without any limitation of location and time.

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  • Appreciation On Better Jobs

Many times a simple “thankyou” and “job well done” goes a long way. Once the manager is well aware of the complete view of the work items done by the employees, he will be a better position to appreciate and promote people with better performance curve.

An automated system of data tracking is very important to keep a healthy relationship in the team and create a transparent work items for the employees and the team heads.

  • Know your team members strengths and weaknesses

Each and every human being has some talents and also hidden gifts which they can put into good use. Hence, it becomes the duty of the manager or the team leads to discover those talents and keep them in mind while allocating tasks to them. 

For example, if someone in the team is thinking outside the box, you can make them pitch many of their creative ideas in front of the clients. Also knowing the fact that team members are utilizing the best of their knowledge, expertise, and their talents, they will look forward to contributing more at the workplace. Making team members use most of their strengths will contribute to making the workplace much better and also more productive than before.

  • Good work environment

The environment in the workplace and the infrastructure are the two most essential contributors to improving the productivity and efficiency of the team. Many organizations pay attention to while designing their office interiors. Also, they make sure to include a comfortable furniture layout, bright lighting, and a touch of nature with the help of some plants and flowers. Aside from the physical setting, the environment within the premises of the office will also impact the productivity of the team.  

  • Give them incentives 

All the employees in the office work their best when they are given a reason to do so – a probable monetary one. All the employees want their efforts to be appreciated and also little more than a virtual pat on their back from their managers or bosses. This is the reason why many of the employees will choose to implement incentive programs to keep them motivated. According to a recent study, 85% of the employees felt motivated to do much of their best when incentives were offered. These incentives can be in any form like free gift vouchers, cash, paid vacation, extra time off, lunch outs, etc. 

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