Tips to write Emails for Direct Marketing

Any mean in which you are directly approaching the customer can be effective tool of marketing. Direct mail is one among them. It gives you higher rate of return on money and times both, for smaller business.



Following are some Tips:

  • Include some offer or Incentive: Always give some offer or Incentive in your mail. Give your audience a reason to response. Offer need not to be very expensive. It can be anything like any concern Passes, Books, etc.
  • Make strong Subject line: Mail only makes an impact only if it relates to you. Always make subject line which connects with the audience. Strong subject line will motivate the reader to click on your mail and read.
  • Target your Mailing: Always send mails target oriented.
  • Highlight the Important Points: In your email always highlight the important points. Make it bold, increase size of font, and keep it in bullet points. This will catch the eye of the reader.
  • Use Call to Action (CTC): Just by informing the reader about your product is not enough. Always put call to action in your email, don’t assume that the reader will perform as you plan. Ask him to perform.
  • Good Mailing list: The size of your list don’t matter what really matters is the quality of the mailing list. Does your list contain the audience what you are targeting?
  • Start with smaller part: If you are having big number of mailing list start with small numbers first time. This will help you to understand the response of the list.
  • Track Results: Always keep a track of the report of your email. Like how many opens, how many clicks, how many unsubscribed. This will always help you in future to design your mail.


So keep above point in your mind when next time you will wright any email.