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Win More Customers With Lead Management Software

How well we are able to win more customers or clients irrespective of size and sector, says a lot about the level of success and longevity you have in the market. Both small and big organisations face problems while managing leads. You might have heard or read about thousands of tips, tricks and strategies in order to win customers. But be practical and make a list of only those which will suit your organisation. One of the most effective business strategies that not just helps you to win customers but also lets you to retain them is – The Lead Management Software.  

Lead Management Software is an effective tool not only to track inquiries but also to capture details like lead source, date, industry, competitors, website, multiple contacts and a host of many other fields. You can easily get all the details of the customers and prospects in a single click. Once you have entered the lead or enquiry details in the software, you can make activities according to your interaction like follow-ups, e-mails, meetings, appointments and payment collections and also assign the lead and activity to an efficient sales rep.

Meet Customer’s expectations With Effective Lead Management Software

Customers require quality products and better services. You can keep a track of contact details and requirements of the customers. If you are reaching customer’s expectations then you will surely generate more business and enhance revenue. It is easy to identify which customers are fruitful for you and which are not profitable. It increases the number of customers and growth of the company. Selling depends on approach, way of communication and proper follow-ups. Sales activity reminders are very useful to keep you aware about daily sales tasks. 

Lead nurturing consistently engages the leads across multiple channels of communication by sharing the content that they are interested in. The multi-channel follow-up might be through emails, SMS and social media. They also help you to educate and exhibit the value of your product or service. 

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Lead Management Software – Time Saver and Revenue Enhancer

It reduces the time that sales people spend on data entry and on papers which also shortened the sales cycle and improves productivity. Sales Managers can do sales planning and set goals for the sales teams in an organized fashion and that too in advance .No worries regarding upgrades and maintenance. Every Sales Organisation can avail the benefits of Sales Management Software and analyse the difference between both methods.

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Features of SalesBabu Lead Management Software 

1. Leads database 

The lead management software helps you to store all the collected leads data in the cloud system. It helps you to store all the necessary lead data including their preferences, requirements and future references etc. The lead database gives you an easy accessibility to the stored data within a single click.

2. Leads sources

The lead management helps you to track the lead sources that helps you to have an idea of the form of enquiry, what your customers think, decisions regarding the marketing campaigns. This feature saves your time and also lets you to understand your target customers better. 

3. Leads assignments

The lead management software helps the managers or top level management to assign leads to different sales reps. You will not face any issues during the assignment of leads to your sales reps. Assignment of leads to efficient sales reps can make a lot of difference in the conversion of leads into sales. 

4. Leads management 

The lead management software helps you to manage and organise your leads efficiently. It lets you to prioritize your leads depending upon the requirement or interest. It also helps in further follow-ups and sales pipeline. 

5. Leads follow-up 

The lead management software helps you to manage follow-ups of day to day activities. It also acts as a guide to the sales reps based on the follow-up strategies. 

6. Lead tracking app 

A lead tracking app will capture sales productivity and also help in customer satisfaction. It also provides a clear vision of the future sales forecast. It also helps you to run reports, set reminders and alerts, access the sales cycle and many more. The lead tracking app can be installed on your smartphone or tab etc. Thus, it eliminates the need for spreadsheets or whiteboards. 

7. Leads qualification 

The main feature in the lead management helps you to qualify leads based on the client’s interests. It helps the sales team to draw effective focus on the leads and helps to decide the necessary steps to convert the lead to a fruitful sale/deal. 

8. Lead automation

The important benefit of lead management software is automatically capturing the leads. This software will capture the leads and forward the leads to the CRM inbox where the distribution and the assignment take place. 

9. Lead activities planning

Planning your lead activities is very important in order to convert them into leads. This automation software plans your follow-up calls and visits. Generates the activity updates and analyses your automatic sales reports with the help of this lead management software.

10. Avoid lead leakage

Generating the leads is very difficult. Converting all these leads is a tough task. Under such circumstances, one should take care to avoid any leakage of the leads. This can have some dangerous consequences because it might result in the loss of business opportunities. Good lead management software will take care of all these aspects very well.

11. Lead email, sms and voice communication

Effective communication is the key to all types of business. Your customers and also the sales team requires email alerts. This software will enable all the communication channels by sending leads emails, SMS, and also voice messages.

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Functions of Lead Management software 

  1. Increases leads 
  2. Increase sales 
  3. Provides automated analytics 
  4. Provides centralized database
  5. Helps to understand customer’s needs, wants and requirements better
  6. Helps to prioritize VIP leads 
  7. Increases customer satisfaction 
  8. Increases company brand image 
  9. Enhances client retention
  10. Enhances cross-sell and up-sell
  11. Saves time 
  12. Provides flexibility 
  13. Cost effective 
  14. Improves accessibility 
  15.  Usage is fun and easy

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Map your lead management process from capture till conversion with SalesBabu CRM Software. Before you choose the best lead management software for your business make sure that you make a blueprint of the lead management process of your organisation. Then check on the features that will suit your requirements. You can also request for a free demo at SalesBabu CRM Solutions to know more. Check out the website