Reduce Your Operational Cost

What is SalesBabu Inventory –On Demand on Cloud?

SalesBabu Inventory On –Demand is a cloud based solutions. In comparison of traditional inventory software using On-Demand SalesBabu Inventory Solution is easier. Efficient Inventory management plays a key role in the success of any Manufacturing or Trading business. SalesBabu On-demand Inventory can be operated through internet connecting browser, you will be billed as per your usage on annual subscriptions model. With this your IT expenses are predictable and you manage a centralize inventory system with no IT cost. SalesBabu Inventory On- Demand solutions offer greater accessibility to companies and they no longer need to be depend on the premises applications  in order to access inventory information, you may access the required inventory information anytime, anywhere.

Key Obstacles in Inventory Management

  • How to streamline the complete inventory control system?
  • How to Maintain Stock Information for easy retrieval ?
  • How to Manage MRN (Material Receipt Note)?
  • How to Manage Item Transaction?
  • How to evaluate Inventory cost?
  • How to handle Material Bills?
  • How to do material bifurcation?
  • How to handle vendors?
  • Vendor Tagging?
  • Item wise Vendor Tagging?
  • Stock adjustment vs. physical stock count?
  • Main store linking with its sub stores?
  • Item transaction cycle?

Common Benefits of Inventory Management in terms of Cost

  • Cost Saving
  • Facilitates Real time Tracking of Inventory
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Reduce Hardware & Software cost
  • Enable for Fast Deployment
  • Facilitates Integration features
  • Improve internal Coordination
  • Flexible and Scalable
  • Lowest up- Front Cost

SalesBabu Inventory on- Demand software, helps companies to automate inventory work flow on one platform without any manual data punching and additional system requirement & system cost. SalesBabu Inventory On- Demand allow companies to manage lucrative information on single platform.

Capital Benefits with SalesBabu Inventory On –Demand

  • Reduce Paper Work
  • Increase real time task tracking feature
  • Enable companies with Increased Work Efficiency
  • Cut Down entire hardware cost
  • Fast & Flexible application implementation & deployment
  • Lucrative application Integration
  • Enable companies to save IT Software Cost
  • Facilitates & Improve Employee coordination
  • Facilitates & Increase access @ anytime from any where
  • Reduced Upfront inventory application investment
  • Improve productivity planning time
  • Ability to control and reduce Product scrap
  • Reduce Stock outs
  • Increase Employees tracking & work productivity
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduce upfront IT infrastructure Cost
  • Fastest software implementation
  • Cost Feasibility
  • Low internal IT resource requirements
  • On-demand Subscription Model Usage
  • Enable Pay AS you Grow application module
  • Save Company Capital & Streamline Inventory levels

Moreover, SalesBabu inventory On-Demand software increase companies efficiency in many ways. Firstly SalesBabu enable companies for real-time Stock monitoring. SalesBabu can provide full accuracy on entire work force where management can easily track the flow of supplies and products and generate reports. Additionally, SalesBabu allow companies to decrease their dependency on premises hosted system solutions and facilitates them to cut upfront IT infrastructure COST with the help of On-Demand subscription model.