Qualities of Good Leader

Leadership is the process of influencing the activities of the individual or a group towards the goal achievement in given situations. It’s an integral part of the management which plays an important role in running and directing every organisation.

  • A Leader must be Visionary: Leaders are great visionary they foresee situations, reactions and results for a decision made and make preparation in advance for it.
  • Ability to Inspire Others: This is one of the ability which is generally inborn or learnt with experience gained surrounded by leaders. To inspire others, the first one has to make connect with others to light up their energy levels and touch the point which inspires them to act.
  • Ability to Solve Problems: Ability to keep patience and control reaction as required by situations, and then solves the problem looking into it from various angles to the reach to the cause of it. Then take corrective measures to resolve it to the Roots. Killing roots are important them just solving problem periphery.
  • Emotional Maturity: Emotional maturity and stability is the major trait for effective leadership. It pertain adjustment to situations & life, bringing balance. Such leaders accept the Success as well as the failure of the open heart. They have the rational approach towards difference opinions and oppositions. Generally, they are humorous, happy and live life to fullest, confident to achieve their Goals. They have very strong control over their emotions; their decision is the very calculative never emotional hasty decision.
  • Capability to Understand Human physiology: Leader must have the ability to know their team or group or people inside out. Their emotions, their problems their strengths etc..He knows how to be emotionally supportive and avoid ego issues.
  • Ability to Appreciates: This the most important part of a leader. A person with self-centric nature can never remain leader for long. One who wants grow along with his team and give credit to a member of his team to his success is the Real Leader. He cares for his team as his family.
  • Verbal Assertiveness: a leader must be a confident and effective Orator. The leader is confident, honest and fearless in presenting his views and opinions.
  • Willingness to take Risk: A routine work done with excellence can’t make you Leader. The leader always charters the Unknown. They must accept and seek new challenges. But, the risks taken are always calculative with clear directions.  For Failures leader take complete responsibility and never blames others.
  • Sincerity towards Goal & their People: Leaders are very focused and sincere towards the Goal. They just live in their goal.
  • The Art of Fair Judgment: Leader is the one who keeps balance in all the all situation, his team and decisions. Fair decision-making ability keeps trust firm towards leader & faith in this leadership. Bringing & keeping trust in team and group is the most critical part.