Make your Product Management Process Easier

Product Management is a process of organising and managing details of each product that an organisation sells to its customers. While an organisation deals in multiple products, it becomes mandatory to streamline the process of keeping the complete product information in detail. The information should be easily retrieval, so it has to be maintained centralized and in a structured way.


Benefits of Product Management:

  • Time saving information retrieval according to needs.
  • Defined principal, categories & sub-categories.
  • Easy information capturing, with minimum possible errors.
  • Reduce duplicate record keeping.
  • In selling of any product it is mandatory to know, at what units of measurement it needs to be placed into the market, like; in Quantity, KG, Metes etc. This Process helps in doing the same.
  • Opportunity to make effective product specifications, for future use.


CRM for Product Management:

In an organisation, each department – Sales, Service, Manufacturing, Product Planning, procurement, purchase planning etc needs and efficient, detailed product information storage and retrieval system.  Information management facilitates healthy communication & coordination among all departments required similar information for their strategic use.  CRM provides them a single platform to organise product information and centralise information storage and retrieval access.


Empowering Sales Team with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Product Management:

  • Centralized Product Masters

CRM brings forth a very robust & dynamic product management module. You need to setup & configure item details, only once and you are ready with a structure of capturing the information in the system.

  • Organize Product’s Details

One can configure by an easy excel upload and can organize data of  the products on the basis of  principal, category ,sub category, Ref ID, Tariff heading, purchase price etc.

  • Handling of Multiple Line of Products

Product module has provision of maintaining hundreds of products with unique ref ID’s(Alphanumeric).

  • Define Multiple Units of Measurements

An organisation can associate other important information like product specifications, multiple units measurement.

  • Pricingin Multiple Currencies

If an organisation is dealing with multiple currencies like in export companies ,then currency wise product price can  also be configured

  • Control over Product View Access

The access levels can also be defined in the product master that means that the concerned manager can only have the access to view the product and if allowed make  changes (pricing, specifications etc) to it.

  • Segregation of Products- Executive wise

Organisation has this facility, while configuring any product into the masters, it can assign it to any executive in sales team, who will be responsible to get sales number for product.


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