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How To Manage Multiple SALES Tasks

How To Manage Multiple SALES Tasks

Managing your sales activities in an organised manner is a big task which needs to be incorporated in a standardised and systematic manner to incorporate revenue for the business.

If you are facing problems to manage inquiries and sales activities. Also if you cannot utilize leads in best possible way and finding it difficult to convert them into sales.

SalesBabu web based CRM software India is an efficient one stop solution for all such issues. It helps you to maintain complete record of sales inquiries on one platform. You can schedule meetings and follow-ups and can get the daily reminders. It monitors complete sales cycle. It also helps all the sales people to follow the standardized process which gives best output for business profitability.

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Let’s understand a few more features of SalesBabu CRM which enables it to manage sales tasks more efficiently for different business sectors. 

Some important features of Web based CRM Software: 

Manages Contacts and Accounts

SalesBabu sales management software provides an efficient tool to manage customer data for prospective clients and accounts at a centralised cloud based database. Salesbabu sales management tool can integrate with third party services and social media websites to collect information on interested clients and businesses and record complete information on each lead into an integrated repository. Different stakeholders can access these details to create more personalised campaigns by understanding complete information about clients and prospective leads for the business.

Opportunities and Quotation Management

Once every lead information is documented in the cloud based repository, sales team can filter out bogus leads and nurture interested opportunity with demos, product quotations, targeted presentations and more. 

Once the sales and marketing team is convinced on the prospective clients buying intentions, they can send them final quotations and move towards sales order details and sales closure.

Various amendments to quotation and final sales orders and recorded to understand the trend in the sales deals and keep a track of deals details which happened with various clients and detailed documentation of the process reports.

Sales activity reminders

Sales Management software must have feature is to have an automated system of activity management and tracking system. SalesBabu automated sales force management tool enables users to set reminders, pop ups, alerts for upcoming meeting and client discussion which enables them to keep every sales stages in track and avoid missing any important business deal due to mismanaged sales processes.

Sales Forecasting and MIS Reports

SalesBabu sales management software provides MIS report features which allow users to create inbuilt and custom reports for various business processes on a regular basis. Reports can be generated for activities like to understand product demand, supply chain history for popular products and more. These details help sales heads and managers to understand the growing trends in the market and make specific and more targeted marketing strategies for the product sales improvements.

Reports can also be generated and forecast the demand supply lifecycle of various products which helps in warehouse management in the organisation. These reports help in reordering appropriate amount of products for refill and avoid situation of out of stock and overstock situations. These reports also come handy in cases where inventory management needs to be tracked to understand proper delivery of products to clients and reports of proper sales supply cycle needs to be generated.

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Tracks complete workflow

SalesBabu automated sales force management tool enables business process to be completely organised and standardized by tracking every activity by creating events, follow ups and tickets. Every item is tracked with these items and updated with current status to keep all stakeholders at the same page of development on the item.

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Assign leads to sales team

With SalesBabu CRM sales management tool, proper coordination within the team can be maintained by updating notes and event section for the item and assign prospective lead to next team for further client nurturing.

Wth proper document updates, different team members are always in sync with the deal status and need not ask repetitive questions of status updates from previous deal owners.

Sales performance Tracking

Mobile sales app and other activity management features enables sales managers to track performance of each agents by features like location sharing, status updates and more. Sales agents can share quotation , sales orders and other documents and status while on the move Mobile sales apps can be installed on smartphones and gadgets which makes them easy to use and convenient to stay connected with clients and update them at all times with tickets updates or provide productive enquiry solutions.

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Sales Order Management

Sales order management is another important feature to manage overall sales for the firm. With sales order entries, every discussion and related sales order generated is recorded in the centralised database. Sales orders can be used to either create new follow ups to nurture the deal further or can be used to send final deal details to customer cna close the sales discussions.

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Spend useful time on important leads

You can easily identify the important leads and can track them accordingly which improves your business. Web based CRM software keeps track of sales activities like payment collections, meetings, e-mails, sales orders, quotations, invoices and Reports. You can also automate which marketing campaigns are providing best leads. It maximizes the lead conversions with proper lead management process. You will never miss any important lead. You can’t convert leads on first call, it takes time and with regular follow-ups and e-mails you can convince easily and make more sales.

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Backing up of the data is done for you

Data is the most important part of the CRM system, it is very critical to take the back-ups regularly. The frequency of these parts is dependent on the amount of new or changed information which takes place. It is however good practice to back up the data at least twice a week and perhaps daily. With web-based CRM, it will automatically backup without user intervention and hence the integrity of your data is ensured.

Licenses are flexible as adding of the users is easy

Many of the CRM users will be remote, it can sometimes become a difficult task to add the new users using an on-premises solution. If the user is not IT literate it might mean that they will have to visit the office to have the software uploaded. By using a web-based CRM solution, adding users is very easy as the administrators simply need to just click on the add user which will just take a few minutes. Then the new user can log in to the system wherever they want as long as they have internet access.

Hardwares and softwares upgrades are done in the real-time

The on-premise solution ensures that the software is the latest version and that you can keep it upgraded. Once when the system is upgraded, you can find that the hardware which you have purchased will be now very slow and you will need to upgrade or replace it. Keeping the software updated is very essentially important when you need to contact the software support team to resolve the issues or problems that you are facing with the software. With web-based CRM solutions, it is all part of the services. The solution provider will undertake the upgrades of both hardware and software without your involvement and at no cost to you.


SalesBabu CRM Software understands your business needs. Useless leads eat up a lot of time of the organization which results in sales loss. It solves all the worries and gives you accurate sales reports. Sales team can update customer interactions and other sales activities from anywhere. It is the best technique to improve business procedures. Spreadsheets can’t give you much profit because technology has changed now. Sales team can update customer interactions and other sales activities from anywhere. So it will not give you all the reports on one place. It maintains backup on clouds.

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