GST Issues for small businesses vs Advantages of  using GST Billing software

GST Issues for small businesses vs Advantages of
using GST Billing software



Using GST Compatible Invoices

Invoices that are compatible with the GST system need to be issued and double checked to ensure they have the correct data structure.

Have ready to use GST invoice templates

Make the right invoices for your clients with readymade GST invoice templates. Have your invoices report available in a GST compatible format, in just a few clicks.

Keep all invoices for claiming input tax credit

Storing data on computer hard drives is messy, data can get lost or someone can accidentally delete important files.

Control your financial data

Using an online billing system is crucial for GST. It will be much easier to keep track of all the invoices sent and manage all your payments. Filing reports also gets much easier with an integrated system and will save you and your accountant time and money.

Get paid on time

Because GST returns are done 3 times in a month, businesses need to make sure they have enough cash flow to run the daily operations.

Get paid faster!

Keep track of payments with specialized reports and know each time an invoice is overdue. Your clients will get automated notifications for payment, which helps you get your money on time.

Apply the right amount of tax, no errors allowed

GST rates and structure are meant to be easy to use, but every business has to make sure they use the right tax rate for every invoice they make.

No more errors!

In SalesBabu GST Billing Software Online you can avoid any errors by easily applying cGST, sGST and iGST for every invoice

Easy access to financial data

Businesses will need to have all their data in an easy to access place, ready to be uploaded to the GST servers.

Your data is safely stored online

Having your data easily accessible anytime, anywhere, from your computer or tablet is great. Forgot to check something? Don’t worry, just log in to SalesBabu GST Billing Software Online and you’ll find all your documents there.

Allocated budget for adopting GST

Adapting to GST will most likely cost any business money. Small businesses don’t have the budget of big enterprises and can’t hire a team of accountants and advisors to help, so what will they do?

SalesBabu GST Billing Software Online, GST ready!

Choosing billing software that is GST compatible saves you more money than hiring a full time accountant to do all the work manually.