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CRM For Call Center: How to Handle Inquiries In Call Center

CRM For Call Center: How to Handle Inquiries In Call Center

Call Centers are one platform industry handling various calls and customer contacts per hour and assisting their clients to sell, retain and build brand in the market. Every call requires customer detailed information with a ready to give solution to assist customer with WoW! Feedback.  CRM Application enables call center executives to have customer life cycle information on single platform, which helps Call center to handle complaints, queries and requests efficiently.

In call centers customer services plays an important role. When customer get in touch with you through phone call then his good and bad experience matters a lot for any call center. If you provide your customers quick e-mails and product information or resolve their issues in a short time period then it will definitely make good and long term customer relations. Your employee’s knowledge also matters a lot when you call and don’t get the exact information then again you will not call again because of bad services. Now what questions are arising in your mind – How to train staff members? What kind of system will help you to manage the activities of call center?

We have a solution which takes your process to new level.

Obstacles in a Call Center Process

  • How to handle agent First Time Query Resolution?
  • How to Use efficiently agent login periods?
  • How to Increase Agent Average Handling Time?
  • How to do agent call monitoring?
  • How to set Quality Monitoring Parameters?
  • How to Maintain Service Level Agreement?
  • How to check Agent Call Accuracy Rate?
  • How get Task Reminder on Single Screen?
  • How to improve TAT -Turn Around Time solution parameter?
  • How to Manage KPI’s?
  • How to increase Loyalty and enhance relationship?

Benefits of CRM for Call Centers:

  1. Prompt Access to Customer Profiles : Simplifies the access to customer profiles and communication history for effective service.
  1. Quick Complaint Resolution: Regulates prompt resolution of client complaints for improved satisfaction.
  1. Addressing Solution Over Calls:Improved the capability to deliver efficient solutions during customer communication.
  1. Efficient Retrieval of Product Details : Allow the acquisition of comprehensive product data on a single screen.
  1. Enhanced Insights for Employee Performance: Delivers enhanced visibility into the progress of each employee for better management.
  1. Internal and External Rigid Customer Support: Encourages both internal and external client support processes.
  1. Enhanced Escalation Handling: Simplifies the management of escalations for quicker resolutions.
  1. Constant Monitoring and Evaluation of Customer Complaints and Queries: Enables monitoring and evaluation of customer complaints and queries on a single screen.

SalesBabu Call Center CRM is an on-demand application tailored to capture and maintain client inquiries, complaints, and service/product requests on a single computer screen. Such CRM arms call centers and telesales team members to operate, store, and manage client information in an organized manner, improving service levels in the market.

SalesBabu CRM for Call Centers is particularly structured to maintain routine transactions and interaction records with clients. It allows sales, marketing, and calling staff to manage the complete customer information on a single computer screen, simplifying call center processes. Integrating along with dialers or virtual cloud telephony operations, CRM for call centers figure out inbound callers and regulate outbound calls from a unified platform, adding up to efficient and tailored customer service.

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