Are You Able to Work in Team?


Team spirit is not a genetic trait; it is a habit that needs to be inculcated by curbing the individual ego, increasing one’s compatibility with the team mates to be able to work in a group. This habit of team man ship is infused in us right from our childhood when we make a group and play for our group’s success. In class, we are divided in groups and assigned a task or project. We have to listen to other group members, express our views, admire others, accept critics, be non-judgmental and take the decision that is the best for the task and ensuring success. From here, we stop working for “MYSELF” and think what is best for “US” and “Our Team”. Team spirit promotes extrovertist and improves one’s rational thinking. This habit in later stage helps person’s adaptability in big team and helps improves open communication and togetherness.


Are You A Good Team Player

Being a team player requires a cluster of qualities that you need to have in yourself. Ask these questions to yourself to know if you are a good team player or not

  • Are you a patient listener?
  • Do you think that all members of your team are potential and together can turn the tides?
  • Are you able to put your thoughts effectively in front of your team members?
  • Are you able to take your criticism in the same way as your appreciation?
  • Do you focus on your own career success before your team success?
  • Are you comfortable working with other people? Or you feel this disturbing?
  • Are you an active participant in your team’s discussions and meeting sessions?
  • Are you cooperative enough to help your team members when they get stuck in some problem?
  • Do you think that you should be credited for the entire success because that was your idea that was pursued?
  • Are you fully dedicated to your team’s goals?

These are a few but very prominent questions that can help you identify your team spirit. Being a team player, first of all, you need to set clear goals with focused vision, and then implementing them all thoroughly with all other members of the team.