Avoid “Words” That Kill Sales

Some of the Words to be Avoid in Sale’s talk

Let start with this, think and tell

“What speaks about you?”

“How you convey what you want to?”

You’re Words … Your words reflects your personality, knowledge, your thoughts & purpose.

In Sales your target is to convert prospect to customer. Using rights words are the most powerful tool. Same word can give positive and negative approach, depends how it is used.  Your words can keep people engaged fro hrs and also can make them detached to your conversation in even 5 mins. For sales you have to keep conversation “On” to understand the client and match his way length and convince them to get the Order.

So, Using of “Right Word works like Magic and can do Wonders”



Let’s understand why few words shall be avoided in Sale conversation.

  1. But

But words negate and break a positive flow of communication for eg.

-We have the Best product for you, but you need to buy hard ware to use it.

In above example, But has break the good feel that you have best to offer & also negates what you have said. See below its better if you say same with out but an in more positive way.

We have the best product for you. Little up gradation is will give outstanding performance.

Another example –

You’re doing a great work, but you must improve these areas.

I this sentence But negates and must emphasised more on issue. So meaning & express changes completely.

Better expression

You’re doing great work. Only one or things you have to improve.

  1. Don’t

In initials conversations never tell the client what to do or not? Don’t preach. You shall first make them trust you so much that they seek your advice and if they ask for it then express.

– Don’t think about the issue.

As you say don’t think you have unnecessary highlighted issue. Clients mind runs immediately negative to you, as if you are hiding something.

Instead, tell them Sir, its good to know issues and how we have easily you can get it resolved under warrant through our excellent customer service. We are always there for you.

Making client Aware about you product is good to break competition also.

  1. Try

What client wants is not your Try but you do for them. Even if something you can’t committee you never say I will try, Try word express you may do it or may not do it. It doesn’t give clarity. There should be no ambiguity.  E.g. Read and tell what work well.

– I’ll try and get you a good deal on these.


I’ll get you the good deal on these.

There is a commitment & clarity that you’ll put Effort in above there is ambiguity.

  1. If

The word “if” conveys a lack of belief in act performance & uncertainty.

 If you buy this, you may see positive change in performance.

Better way is-

Buy this you will see positive change in performance.

The idea is to Avoid WORD’S which kill your idea of sales. Any word which breaks to positive momentum, block conversation, show confusion, give non clarity and shows negativity shall not be used.