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Why CRM for Managing Demand & Supply in the Manufacturing Industry?

Introduction to Manufacturing Industry:

Current Global Market scenario is forcing all manufacturing industries to become customer centric, instead of product centric. Earlier days where the manufacturing companies do the production of  their material, sit back & wait to sell that product. It used to be a slow process of doing the promotions and selling products. Today manufacturers are bound to carry their process according to the needs & demands of the target customer. To survive and retain the existence of the business, production as per the demand and supply to happen, promotions and reach of the products into the market is the prime motto of the business. Everything has changed and it’s an alternative to gain good revenues and sales growth  in business.

The manufacturing sector has been facing the phase of many evolutions & changes. To meet all types of global challenges, today the majority of manufacturing companies are implementing CRM for manufacturing companies which helps companies to integrate manufacturing with supply processes – for faster response to change and customer demand.

Manufacturing Industry is clearly defined on manufacturing the new products either through the raw materials or assembling with the different components. Manufacturers are capable of executing their process of manufacturing – planning on the material requirements and dedicating the job to work through the CRM for manufacturing industry. Moreover they also look out for an effective management of production planning, scheduling, inventory control management system to streamline the complete  process. 

SalesBabu CRM for manufacturing companies, ensures that the manufacturers operations are for the sales,  marketing departments are going in a smooth way.   SalesBabu has a proven track record by implementing the manufacturing CRM software from decades and helped the manufacturers to drive their sales, service and customer support team.

The SalesBabu aims to automate the process with the manufacturing CRM, bridging between the  demand and supply in manufacturing industries to increase the efficiency and business growth with profit. 

Help with the best CRM for manufacturing industries, able to tackle their daily challenges of scheduling the sales tasks, having the sales funnel for sales forecasting, getting the feedback of customer satisfaction from the customers, quotation preparing, managing the sales orders and tracking the various stages of sales cycle, etc.

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Why CRM for Managing Demand & Supply in the Manufacturing Industry?

  • Good Coordination among Departments: The coordination is very important in the business either internal coordination or having a good relationship with the employees and departments. When it comes to external coordination with the customers, communications to be recorded into the manufacturing CRM software. Facilitates coordination & communication, by providing a consolidated database of clients & their demand’s information.
  • Easy Access: All the information stored in the customer account and the discussions in the activities, which makes a centralized place storing communication sales tools – software used in manufacturing industry. Any time, Anywhere access to accurate information within the manufacturing CRM system including top clients by sales, purchases, relationships between organisations, marketing and competitive details
  • Improves Client Retention: To retain the customer possible, by the company providing a product for some specific period – either few days, months or years. There is a chance if the customer is happy with a delightful experience he had by the service provided to him, then customer retention is  expected for a longer time.  Customers tend to come back by placing a repeat order,  as there was no defect to the product purchased by him during his entire time.
  • Value Add in Sales Process: Taking an initiative to educate the customers with the  product and its features. Discuss with them, understand them, take their views and reactions. On capturing the information to understand the customers, suggesting them the right choice and able to explain the approach of the opportunity was fulfilled. It shortens the sales process & effective sales pipelines are managed with the opportunities in CRM software for manufacturing industry.
  • PaperLess Operations: Paperless is meant of organising the documents properly, through the email client communications becoming faster and less expensive. Able to retrieve the documents or information on the go. All the information is saved in the manufacturing CRM automatically and it’s centralized, which can be retrieved anytime, anywhere. It’s environmentally friendly. Improves productivity by eliminating paper-based administration and automate the complete business processes with online based CRM for manufacturing solutions
  • MIS & Reports: Management information system is an analysis report available in the CRM for manufacturing industry. CRM is helping the managers at all levels with the MIS reports, as they rely on the reports generated from the  CRM for manufacturing companies. They are able to evaluate their revenue generated on a daily basis and the sales people activities attended or not. Able to track the new leads generated, follow ups done, prospects available in the sales funnel with each salesperson, tracking the progress of the sales orders. Efficient management of sales team by instantly generating performance related MIS & reports.
  • Demand & Supply Segregation as per Products: Supply and demand is a relationship between manufacturers,which they want to produce and same to be sold to the customers who are willing to buy. Easy & Quick access to the number of enquiries made for any product or number of sales orders closed for the same.

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Key Benefits of CRM for manufacturing companies:

Benefits of using Manufacturing CRM software

Enhance & Maintain Customer Relationship

  • By best CRM for manufacturing, companies can track all the interaction with the customers & manage the database efficiently
  • Anywhere & Anytime access that makes salespeople on go mobile & helps salespeople to make important decisions at any point of time.
  • With the help of manufacturing CRM software, the company can coordinate very well with their sales department & track down the customer’s trends to plan further on the company’s strategies.

Business Intelligence

  • In the CRM for manufacturing industry, manufacturers can get an idea of changing market conditions & trends. CRM helps the manufacturing company to work accordingly on the production front, sales, procurement of raw materials, etc. 
  • Company can analyze the future pipeline cases & opportunities for the further businesses and revenue opportunities. 
  • Manufacturing CRM efficiently evaluates the companies strategies and helps in planning for their business processes.

Earn More Revenues

  • With the help of manufacturing CRM, manufacturing industries can ensure their maximum returns on investment,  which they have done for all marketing campaigns.
  • Manufacturers can automate their process with very less effort.
  • Companies do not require extra hardware, IT & manpower support.
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Improvement in quality of products & services

  • Manufacturing companies can resolve & redress customer’s queries & complaints efficiently with the help of CRM software for manufacturing industry.
  • Manufacturers can track their customer’s action & reaction for any product that makes the company proactive in their offerings of products & services.
  • Companies can gain valuable information from the customers that can be used for future references or knowledge while manufacturing any of your products.

Contact Management

  • A contact management system is one of the greatest organizational benefits of CRM for the manufacturing industry. 
  • This feature will keep all of your contacts in one place and up-to-date.
  • If you need any information about a contact–where they are in the sales pipeline, how to contact them, previous messages you have had–it will be attached to their contact card.


  • With the ability to save emails, catalogs, price lists, and even record and save phone calls or video conferences, you will get to know exactly what is said and sent.
  • Classified properly, your CRM will show all the communications you or another salesperson had with a particular contact.
  • If there is confusion about a deal or contract, you can simply reference the communication in question.


  • Many CRM systems provide integration with marketing software, email automation, website analytics, social media management, and also other helpful tools you may already use.
  • By linking these tools together, you will get a better picture of what your leads are doing and a more comprehensive picture of how they interact with you.

Territory Management

  • Territory management lets all the members of the sales team stay in touch without stepping on each other’s toes. 
  • This feature will not only allow territory managers to focus on their geographic area, but it will also show the performance of each territory, at the same time encouraging cooperation and active competition without the need for a sales meeting.

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CRM software used in manufacturing industry, which empowers manufacturers in producing and selling the products and & supply. Customers help manufacturers by imparting the feedback and inputs on the product,  which is helping manufacturing companies to improve product quality. In return the staff provides the input to the team heads on the feedback. Manufacturing CRM streamlines the sales process activities, cutting down the expenses, profitability growth seen.