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Understand What Customers Want’s

Every business starts with the prime agenda of a “long-lasting success” and “long-term survival”. Thus, acquiring new customers, retaining existing customers and enhancing the customer satisfaction – is what the company wants to do. 

There was a time when the business setups focussed on “sell what you can make”. But the present business world has attained massive revolution and the business itself focuses on customer satisfaction rather than other factors. Every business wants to provide the best products or services and maintain good relationship with their clients and customers.

Understanding your customers even before acquiring them is an essential step for any business to flourish. Your product or service may be the best of all in the market, but what your customers think about your product or service also counts. Good customer service is an essential strength for any company. Always give the customers what they want, not what you think is required for them. Thus, one can win loyalty with better customer service.

Here are 5 ways that can be implemented to know your customers better – 

1. Enthusiasm in Employees

Talk to happy employees!

Enthusiasm in employees is a positive and motivated state. No one likes to talk to unhappy employees. Be enthusiastic and talk in a better way. Make evaluation of the customer base and establish that who are your best customers. In this way you find it easy to please them. Be passionate about your work and do it with full energy.

2. Build relationships for long time business

build long-term customer relationship

Your client responds to you positively when you treat them in a great way. Support them and make them feel important. Never forget they are your source of profits. Implement systems that contain customer contacts. Be polite and pay them attention. Inform them about your special product offers by sending e-mails and doing follow-ups. When your customers are doing arguments with you  then even treat them with politeness and respect . Be careful with what you are saying especially when you failed to meet their expectations. Never make excuses and explain your reason then try to help them if any alternate available.

3. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes 

You might have the best product or service in the market but you need to understand your customers from their point of view. Though you must have gathered demographic details of the particular region but it is also important to know about the customers – like what they expect out from your product or services, their requirements and the present trend.

4.Use customer data 

Most of the organisations collect customer data but they are unable to make use of the data in a productive way. The benefits of using customer data are – 

  • Create personalised experience 
  • Discover how to improve 
  • Reach your customers at the right time 
  • Focus on target customers 

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5. Collect feedback at the right time 

Customers want a high level service quality. Figure out what they expect and proceed for long-time customer relations.  In this highly competitive world you need to work proactively. When customers call you, they want a warm response from you.  Concentrate on your customer’s requirements, interests and listen to what they are saying. 

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What your customers want or need from you? 

1. Good quality

The major requirement of the customer is good quality of product or service. There are multiple options available for your customers in the market, but if your customers are preferring just your brand rather than any other, one of the major reasons is – the quality of the product or service you are providing them. Most of the customers will not choose products or services solely on price, but they will surely choose on quality. 

But if you are unable to meet their expectations in terms of quality, they will start looking for alternatives. If you are providing them the best quality items and charging a penny more when compared to your competitors, your customers will still choose you. 

Good quality also leads to “mouth-to-mouth” marketing and indeed enhances the reputation of your company. Your customers will not just be loyal to you, but will also get you two more new customers. Thus, it will also pay way to the growth of the company. 

2. Good service 

Providing the best service for your customers can make a great impact on the growth of your business. When you provide good services to your customers they will remain loyal to you. Your loyal customers are the happy ones, who tend to understand you during uncertainties. They are the best ones to market your product or service, even better than you. 

3. Bring new perspective and ideas 

If the customers could distinguish their own problems and come up with the solutions on their own, they would do so. The reason that they are turning to you and your firm is that they are stuck with some problem and they need your help to solve it. Hence, you should be able to bring something new and innovative to their table.

4. Listen carefully to customers 

When the customers are describing themselves and their needs, customers will immediately sense when someone is just waiting for a break during the conversation in order to launch into the sales pitch. In order to really listen, you should suppress your own inner-voice and forget your goals. It is about the customer and not about you.

5. Understand all the needs of customer

It is not just about connecting the dots between the needs of the customer and the offers of the company.You should also need to connect with individuals who will be affected by your offering and also understand how buying from you will satisfy their personal needs such as career advancement and job security.

6. Communicate the purchasing process

Customers will hate when sellers dance around the issues such as prices, discounts, total costs, availability, add-on options, etc. Customers want you to be able to tell them, in simple language, what is involved in the purchase and also how that purchase will take place. No surprises and no last-minute upsells.

Why good service is important? 

  • Customer retention is way cheaper than acquiring new customers 
  • Your company gets represented 
  • Your happy customers will refer you to others as well
  • Your happy customers will remain loyal to you
  • They will pay you without complaints 
  • They will provide feedback 
1. Fair price 

Price is also an essential factor while selling products or services in the market. The price that you set can have an impact on the increase or decrease of sales of your product or services. The price can also determines the value of your product or service. Setting fair prices based on the quality, customer service, cost per unit etc can increase the demand for your customers. 

Strategic pricing can increase your customer base, increases the profitability index and also gain loyal customers. 

2. Maintain good relationship 

Maintaining good relationship with your customers is as necessary as fulfilling the customer’s needs, wants and requirements. Customers are like the heartbeat of the company and maintain long relationship with them becomes a prime requirement for the companies. The benefits of maintaining good relationship with your customers are –

  • Helps you to survive in the market filled with competitors
  • Reduces churning of customers 
  • Increases up-sell and cross-sell of customers 
  • Retain existing customers
  • Creates new connections 
  • Reduces market rejection 
  • Increases the level of loyal customers 
  • Enhances brand image 
  • Brings customer satisfaction 

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You can also make use of the Customer Relationship Management software which helps you to maintain good relationship with your customers. The CRM software comes with multiple features and functionalities that helps you to enhance your business process.  

To get a better understanding of customer do customer surveys and record the customer data. Never forget that your customers can market your product or service more better than you can. So when you are successful in resolving customer problems they will surely spread it to four more people which in turn increases your customer service quality.