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What Is A Sales Lead Tracker Software And How Does It Work?

What Is A Sales Lead Tracker Software And How Does It Work?

SalesBabu CRM’s powerful Sales Lead Tracking software provides you an efficient sales management solution that makes it easy for marketing and sales to manage leads and opportunities by keeping track of all sales leads, which will help to increase the sale of your business. With our sales lead crm, stay organized and in control of your sales figures through sales pipeline management. sales lead management software gives an overview of your company’s health and the tools to boost its performance.

Our Sales Lead Tracking App service will help you incorporate your entire sales team by tracking all information of your leads as they are the key of your business. This will open the door of success. Our best app for sales leads allows you to bring all lead sources together in an organized single database to keep maintain the information and detail of all the opportunities in a systematic manner and ensure that the information doesn’t get lost.

Sales lead tracking is the process of monitoring your leads’ status in the sales funnel. Knowing where your leads are standing in the process will allow you to take the right actions to move them further down the funnel.

Tracking sales leads through a pipeline

Your leads are displayed by your different sales stages in the pipeline view. The sales lead tracker clearly shows how your team is doing and helps you focus on the right deals if an extra push is needed. You can get a progress report (MIS) at any time, giving you an eagle’s eye view of your deals and team, helping you make changes at the right time.

Why Sales & Marketing Teams Need Sales Lead Tracking CRM Software?

Sales and marketing alignment is becoming ever more critical. Marketing’s role in the process has increased significantly in recent years, given that much of the sales cycle now occurs before leads ever reach out to an organization.

Sales Lead tracker helps to bridge the gap between sales and marketing so that each department can determine where the leads came from and how qualified they are for sales reps to begin the conversation. Leads that aren’t qualified for sales will need to be nurtured until they can be passed on to the sales team.

Best app for sales leads tracking allows both teams to be confident in their approach to each lead, and thus increases the chance for a conversion or sale.

How Does a Sales Lead Tracking Software Work?

Sales lead tracker CRM actually begins with marketing. Leads are filtered through a series of requirements before ending up with a sales representative. Here’s what the process (sales lead management software) looks like in action:

Lead Tracking Software
Lead Capture

Leads are automatically captured and sorted in sales lead CRM. Typically, the lead will consist information like – contact person name, an email address or phone number for follow up, and the source of the lead (e.g. Google ads, social media, etc.). Depending on how they enter your sales funnel, you might have other information, such as the specific need they want to fill or a product they’re looking.

Lead Qualification

Based on how the lead connected with your marketing material, they will either be a sales-qualified or marketing-qualified lead. Sales-qualified leads show signs of purchase readiness, such as downloading a coupon. Marketing-qualified leads took action related to marketing, such as signing up for a digital newsletter. 

Lead Distribution

If you have multiple sales people, you want to ensure each one is getting leads. But equally important, they need to receive leads that they’re capable of handling and selling to. Lead distribution ensures that the right leads are matched with the right sales rep. This could be based on the type of product being sold or by the number of leads in a sales rep’s queue.

Sales Tracking

Once the lead is positive and sales is in progress, they can use lead tracking to monitor their progress through the funnel. This process clear away much of the guesswork associated with lead management. You are aware where your deals stand at all times, and in turn, you can tailor your approach to each lead based on their unique buyer’s journey.

Where is the value in sales lead tracking software?

Working with one sales lead as the time does not give much to manage. You will be more likely to know without having to guess exactly where it is, all the actions you have taken to move the leads through the funnel, and even their likelihood to make a purchase. 

But most of the sales reps are dealing with many of the leads at a time, which might make it a little difficult to remember each and every detail about each lead. Sales lead tracker software will give you a clear visual representation of the status of your leads at all times so that you can streamline the follow-up, make accurate forecasts, and also you can know what to do next. 

It is also much beneficial for marketers to track the journey of the sales leads. More than three-quarters of the marketers admit that they have trouble in calculating ROI on their campaigns because they do not know the end result. In addition, half of the sales reps feel that they do not have much information before reaching out to the prospects. Tracking the leads in this way will help both the team to feel confident in trying to move customers through the sales funnel for an optimal outcome.

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Sales Lead Tracking CRM Software Values

Sales Lead Tracker management is the process of capturing leads, tracking their behaviour and activities, qualifying those leads, giving them regular attention to make them sales-ready, and then passing them on to the sales team.

Handling one sales lead as time doesn’t give you much to manage. You will likely know without having to guess exactly where is, the actions you’ve taken to move them through the funnel, and even their likelihood to make a purchase.

However, most sales reps are dealing but dozens of leads at a time, which can make it tough to remember every detail about each lead. Sales lead tracking software gives you a clear, visual vision of your leads’ status at all times so you can streamline follow up, make accurate forecasts, and know exactly what you need to do next in that lead.

Sales Lead Management App is also beneficial for marketers to track the journey of sales leads. Most of the marketers admit having trouble calculating ROI on their campaigns because they don’t know the end result. In addition, nearly half of all sales reps feel they don’t have enough information before reaching out to a prospect. Tracking leads in this way helps both teams feel confident in trying to move customers through the funnel for maximum outcome.

Benefits of our Sales Lead Tracking App

  • 24*7*365  access
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Easily identify the qualified leads
  • Stay organized
  • Less time consuming
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Core of sales lead crm – if you’re not using sales lead tracking in your company, you should at least consider the value it brings to your organization. Sales teams that use it report feeling more informed and more qualified to handle leads, especially since the tracking process is automated and allows them more time to sell and work smartly.

SalesBabu CRM offers powerful lead tracking features that can benefit marketing and sales teams alike. Request free demo and see the value for yourself!

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