How CRM helps Manufacturing Industry


CRM for Manufacturing Industry enables you track your entire sales process, work orders and all the product dispatches. Manufacturing units always required a strong flow of communication within the all internal roots – sales, purchase, stock, account and logistic. Rottenly, it happens, any information does not flow to the floor, where it has to be, due to lack of communication channels or it use to get garbled. To resolve this Communication GAP, companies going to take initiative and want to become a CRM enabled company. CRM for Manufacturing Industry is only standalone software, which can streamline entire process of Production Information Capturing and synchronize entire Pre & Post Sales tires work flow and Work Orders in Manufacturing units.

Complex Challenges in manufacturing industry

  • Is it possible to do Automation of Communicationwithin the entire business tires?
  • Can we forecastthe customer demands & expectations?
  • Is it possible to increaseproduct reliability in market?
  • Can we evaluateend-user’s mind of your product?
  • Is it possible to get automatic predictionon sales and production funnel?
  • How we know the exact production cost of goods?



Streamline Sales Process

CRM enable to you to reduce cost of sales operations, and get streamline your both Pre &post sales process on a single screen so, that companies easily can have focus on their production floors and products quality.

Increase Production & Mange Customer Work order

CRM can track entire Work order Module, so that you can easily define the task priority on urgent basis, or you can set an automatic scheduler against the work order, which you have received from your customer’s and get initiative of smother product production chain facility.

Provide Best Customer Service

CRM enable the companies to maintain good relation with the customers. Manufacturing CRM also facilitates them to understand the exact requirement and its product quality via customer feedback. CRM enable the organizations to see the clear picture of their business and its market, which helps in better customer services and customer retention.





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