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Managing Sales Team Using An Online CRM

Your sales reps deal with en number of challenges and en number of negativity which may demotivate or degrade them. They are the ones who face the vast crowd of consumers with multiple expectations and wants. Every step of failure has led them to success. And that being said, managing a sales team is no less of a challenge. As a manager you need to keep them motivated, you need to help them during bad times and most importantly you need to manage every sales activity with efficiency. 

Managing sales team is key to any company to achieve their sales goals and sell smarter. In the current technological age with a diversified market, it becomes important to effectively manage sales team for achieving sales goals. You might be wondering how can an online CRM Software can help you to manage sales? You heard it right! Implementation of an online CRM software helps you to manage sales efficiency. 

Before we jump into using a Cloud Based CRM Software, let us know more about few strategies used to manage sales team:

1. Use technology 

Technology is one of the most important requirements which helps in business activities and organisational process. Most of the sales process is automated which makes sales tasks easier and quicker. 

Thanks to technology!

One such technology is the implementation of an online CRM software in the business. The agenda of implementing an online CRM software is to ensure that your sales team work smartly with less burden and stress. The cloud based CRM software has various features and functionalities like Sales Force Automation, Lead Tracking, Sales Tracking and Sales forecasting. These automated features helps them to manage their tasks according to their priorities. 

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2. Streamline sales process 

Investing in the right tool is very important to enhance sales. Streamlining of the sales process becomes an essential factor in the business as it allows to have visibility on prospects of sales funnel, improving sales process etc. Finding the right prospect at the right time becomes very important to improve sales. 

3. Understand the bottlenecks 

You might be having good sales presently, but understanding even the minor bottlenecks in the sales process becomes important in the business. These bottlenecks will give you an outlook on where you need to improve yourself or inculcate new strategies in order to work smoothly. 

4. Motivate your team 

As mentioned above that motivating your sales team becomes very important as they deal with en number of rejections, arrogance and pressure in their day-to-day tasks. Become a coach and do not command over always, rather put yourselves in their shoes and help them overcome the obstacles with the right direction. 

5. Encourage continued learning

It is very important to train the team regularly to keep the information in their minds. So train the team effectively and watch the middle performers that they will become top performers which can generate the most revenue for your company. Great strategic management will help to create a strategic training plan for the upcoming year and make sure that the team sticks and follows it. These training plans should reinforce the team for previously taught lessons which will add up new strategic plans for the team to continue to build their skills.

6. Establish good company culture

Having a strong company is always important and the importance of this has become increasingly important for the satisfaction of employees. Few points to improve the culture of the company are:

  • Showing appreciation to the sales team on a regular basis
  • Celebrating the achievements of employees
  • Create a positive physical and social environment
  • Organize the events and competitions to keep the salespeople excited and engaged about coming to the work.

Hence, the best interesting ways to improve your company culture is to provide the employees with some key points like:

  • Professional development
  • Flexibility
  • Reputation
7. Drive competition

Creating competition among the sales team is the best sales management strategy. Few tips to create successful competition are:

  • Keep it simple: During the competition try to focus on one goal. Also, make sure that the rules of the competition are easy to understand so that your sales people can easily participate.  
  • Define a clear goal: If you want to improve the customer services, then increase the volume of sales or simply survive the slump seasonally, you must first clearly communicate the contest objective to your sales team.
  • Have fun: Most of the chances are that your salespeople will have natural competitiveness. Encourage the salespeople in a very friendly manner and banter around the competition to make it more fun and interesting.

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Now, let us know how CRM software helps us to manage sales team efficiently. 

Tools like online CRM and SFA are helpful to manage the sales team as well as streamline the sales process. To begin with, Develop a sales strategy that everyone is aware of. Make it clear to all with regard to the primary sales objectives of the organization. Each salesperson should be aware of their responsibilities and targets to achieve in line with the company’s sales objective. 

Manage your sales team with an online CRM software

  • Online CRM software will be very helpful to allocate responsibilities so that one member of staff looks after a particular account, product, service or territory.
  • This also allows customers to build a relationship with a particular account manager.
  • Sales data such as sales activity & progress reports can be used to keep track of how well your sales reps are performing. 
  • Weekly or monthly sales analysis should be done with the help of CRM software reports to analyze the sales progress. 
  • The cloud based CRM software also provides visual representations of the entire sales process of the organisation which further helps in identifying bottlenecks, work productivity and sales etc. 
  • The online CRM software provides MIS and reports with graphical representations and numeric data, you can also get customized reports and standard reports if necessary. 
  • The cloud based CRM software provides a 360 degree view of your customer’s data which can be used for future reference.
  • The online CRM software helps you to prioritize top opportunities. 
  • The cloud based CRM software also helps your managers to keep a track on what you are upto. With the help of CRM mobile app it becomes more convenient to be updated as quickly as possible.  

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