ERP- A 360 Degree Approach to Business

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a system which basically designed to integrate & get 360 degree Access at all the business resources on a single platform, which provide an internal connectivity between all the departments or internal business functions for lucrative information flow across the organization. ERP can centralized & streamline the spread information related to different business units on a single computer screen, so that concern person can access the desire information easily in couple of minutes. An ERP is a Business management Tool, which helps you to improve different business, functions VIA-an Inter departmental coordination.  ERP integrates all the internal process tiers and helps CEO to have transparency over every process of their business.

How much Verticals can integrate An ERP?

Then the Simple answer is: All Business Process & Tiers

We all known about the functionality of ERP, Lets’ take a look on business process, where we can put streamline business functionality& approach altogether to integrate and synchronize all the operational process in a robotic way.

  • Sales Business Process
  • Finance Business Process
  • Human Resource
  • Admin Process Tier
  • Operation Floor
  • Inventory Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Production Planning
  • Production Floor
  • R&D Operations
  • Costing & Billing Process
  • Marketing Management
  • Supply Chain Management

ERP tracks all the business processes and resources, and streamline & facilitates lucrative communication among all business function.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Advantages

  • Sharp Scalability
  • Lucrative Reporting
  • Improve Data Integration &Data Sharing Methods
  • Reduce Operational Cost
  • Enhance Sales Visibility as a CRM
  • Enable Business Intelligence
  • Robust Supply Chain Strategy
  • Reduce Business Process Complexity
  • Inventory Reduction
  • Production Work Schedules
  • Reduce high Cost to Maintain Store
  • Cost Saving
  • Enhance Measurements, Analysis and Simulation Capabilities
  • Fast Sales & operation review
  • Sales & Operational Planning


How SalesBabu ERP Contribute SME’s Business?

SalesBabu ERP give a 360 accesses & approach at all business functions and allow companies to minimize their operational cost and streamline entire core business on a single platform and get integrate the entire crucial business tier to get lucrative information at any level of operational work.

Manage Sales Business

SalesBabu ERP enable companies to manage Sales Force on a Single screen and get streamline entire sales process from initial inquiry management to till order closing. SalesBabu ERP allow companies to do customer follow up, get pending reminder on task, enable to make & manage Quotation (Price proposals), Customer Order Handling& Processing. This also help you out with tracking individual sales person work productivity and team work productivity, which allow companies to do Sales Forecast on the basis of Sales Funnel Pipeline.

Manage Inventory (Stock) & Warehouse Management

SalesBabu ERP enables companies to control the stock availability and exact requirement of Stock to provide better services to the customer. This gives you better visibility on Store items & enables companies to synchronize inventory levels with their item descriptions. Through SalesBabu ERP companies can manage Multiple Store & Maintain Stock on single database, so that you can manage & Streamline entire warehouse operations in few clicks. SalesBabu ERP enable companies to do GRN, allow internal communication in between purchase department & inventory management via Purchase Indent feature.

Lucrative Purchase Management

SalesBabu ERP provides the visibility on flow of goods that enables organizations to identify savings, spending against budget and trends across departments. SalesBabu ERP also reduces the risk of error because of its centralized customer interactions, Purchase Orders and Purchase Planning. Where companies can get answers to questions like when to buy? What quantity to buy? This helps companies to Evaluate Inventory Consumption, Set stock reorder level on inventory items, enable to do purchase planning and reduce purchase cost on item.


Production Management

SalesBabu ERP enable companies to manage their complex work flow and operational decision on production floor, its allow you to maintain and synchronize entire manufacturing unit on a single screen. This help you to manage ‘N’ number of Work order task scheduling, allow to make job card on the basis of order priority and enable to create& set job work for vendor or third party worker.


Hence, SalesBabu ERP can automate your Core business having “360” degree view ability at micro level of your business process and get streamline your all the business function on a single screen via SaaS platform.

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