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Benefits of Using An Online Payroll Software

Benefits of Using An Online Payroll Software

  • Affordable cost
  • Easy to use
  • Relief from regulatory aspects
  • Easy and fast payroll reconciliation
  • Generating Accounts JV (Journal Voucher)
  • Multiple reports generation
  • Inbuilt leave and attendance data as automated inputs

The word payroll software refers to automating the entire gamut of payroll tasks involved in calculating the salary of the employee, calculating the statutory deductions, arriving at the amount of payout to be done and ensuring that the calculated amounts are paid out to employees on time.

Processing payroll in a traditional way is a time-consuming recurring activity every month. Now, with a single click, an online payroll management software calculates the gross salary, deductions, statutory compliance and net salary for each employee and processes it instantly.

Apart from calculating and disbursing salaries, payroll processing also involves calculation of all statutory dues (employee and employer contributions), generating reports in the format mandated by law and filing (submitting) these reports along with the amounts to the relevant government departments.

Additionally, employees need to be informed about the salaries paid to them, tax deducted, reimbursements, etc. This is done via payslips.

A cloud payroll solutions does all of these activities at a fraction of the cost and time required to perform these tasks manually. The online payroll software also ensures accuracy of data. Cloud payroll system best-suited for Indian Businesses.

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Advantages of using an Online Payroll Software

An online HR and Payroll software offers a lot of advantages to the user (HR and/or payroll admin), the employees and the organization. Here are the most evident top benefits you could get when you to switch to an online payroll software for small business:

Affordable cost

Cloud payroll software is SaaS-based, and everyone wants to pay only for what they use. Even if processing payroll is a core function, companies want it to be managed using software that can scale up accordingly. This can be achieved only by implementing online payroll management software. Nobody wants to invest big right at the beginning of their business. Cloud-based payroll software solutions are available at monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual subscription plans. It’s charged on a per month, per user basis. It’s affordable and cost-efficient!

Easy to use

Online Payroll software can be easily and quickly configured with multiple features, options, business rules and policies based on your company’s requirements. All mandatory inputs to process payroll such as employee attendance data, expenses & reimbursement, salary structure, etc.are automatically pre-populated as other modules of the software are smoothly integrated with epayroll software. Payroll for all employees can be processed with just a click of a button. Pay-cheques are instantly published and bank transfer statements ready for upload to disburse salaries. All these tasks can be achieved due to a self-explanatory user interface (UI) and a well-designed payroll process.

Relief from regulatory aspects

Every month tax calculations, deductions and filing statutory remittances (PF, ESI, PT, etc.) become monotonous, and are frustrating and time-consuming activities. These repetitive tasks may cause unseen losses to the company. Also, improper filing may attract penalties to the organization. Online payroll software provides you great relief from keeping yourself updated about the amendments, latest laws, changes and tax slabs as the cloud-based software provider will auto-update the payroll software without any downtime.

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Easy and swift payroll reconciliation

The best payroll software solutions empower you to check accuracy in each payroll by using a variety of payroll reconciliation tools at your disposal. Current and previous month’s payroll can be also compared and, and you can customize salary register and payroll statements as per your needs. This feature of payroll software for small businesses allows you to breathe easy and have complete peace of mind as the payroll reconciliation option makes sure that it is error-free in the payroll process.

Generating Accounts JV (Journal Voucher)

To have a stable link between your payroll teams and finance, payroll software allows you to generate Accounts JV easily via:

  • In-built formats for Tally
  •  Extensive Excel output capabilities

Multiple reports generation 

Cloud-based payroll management solution system provides you with multiple reports, such as:

  • Reconciliation reports
  • Professional tax (PT) reports
  • MIS reports
  • Ad-hoc and user-defined reports
  • Customizable payroll statement/ salary register/ wage register
  • Reports under Shops & Establishment Acts of different states
  • Reports under CLRA Act of different states

Built-in attendance and leave data as automated inputs

Disparate systems for data such as employee attendance, leave and their information management makes it exhausting to constantly switch between systems for processing payroll and calculating taxes. An ideal cloud payroll software system will act as a single source of authenticity for all dimensions of an employee, which is supported by a strong integration structure. All mandatory inputs for payroll will be auto-updated from attendance, leave and employee database as and when required. Cloud-based payroll software saves you a lot of manual data entry and verification time.

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Greater Employee Satisfaction

If your employees are not happy, then you won’t be happy. If you neglect the morale in your office or your factory, you will be able to find your best employees voting with their feet and heading for the door. By using online payroll software will increase the efficiency of all your operations and will also reduce the likelihood of mistakes that might earn you the ire of the front-line staff. That gives you one less thing to worry about and will also help you to keep your best workers right where they are. 

Better Accuracy

Nothing is worse than a mistake in the payroll system, and using online software will reduce the likelihood of those costly errors. Making an error that will shortchange all your employees can destroy the morale of your company and also might lead to legal problems for you and your firms. 

Making a mistake that pays your worker very much would leave your business without working capital, and the logistics of getting all that money might be a nightmare. With the online payroll software, you can greatly reduce the risk of human errors and make sure that all your employees will get exactly the pay that they have earned.

Beneficiaries from a payroll software cloud-based payroll software solutions

Any company, which has the following symptoms are clear aspirants for switching over to an online payroll software:

  • Boring and time-consuming manual process of collecting and maintaining HR & payroll data (Use of spreadsheets for IT declaration, investment proof collection, reimbursements, etc.)
  • Multiple data entry and verification touch-points
  • Numerous follow-up emails and messages to company’s employees and their managers to begin actions for different tasks like approvals, leave requests, investment declarations, etc.
  • Non-availability of proper employee information, such as attendance, leave balance, status, etc.,to their reporting managers
  • Frequent delays in preparing payroll and multiple human errors, which lead to employee dis-satisfaction
  • Busy HR and payroll administrators who’re only working on transactional tasks, such as employee document management, answering employee queries, following up leave-related transactions, etc., without time to initiate strategic HR activities

So, no more waiting – go ahead, evaluate and get the best online HR and Payroll management software for your organization and update yourself with the technology.

As companies deal with the challenge of stabilizing performance and costs, the need to focus on crucial business functions gets the top priority. Such a scenario calls for maximizing process efficiency. This could be a starting step for replacing manual, tedious payroll tasks with a payroll software tailored to specific needs (today, everyone calls it automation)

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