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Track After Sales Service Effectively With Service Management Software

Online customer management system is helpful for the after sales and service providing  industries. Wherein they are able to provide better services to their customers and able to earn their loyalty,  which helps the companies to run their business smoothly. Many successful businesses are using online customer complaint systems to grow loyal customers and creating a tale of increasing profits from existing customers.

After sales service plays an important role in maintaining good customer relationships. 

Customer complaint management software is to manage the service related work and streamline the process of service management. In the online complaint  system, renewals of AMC agreements, installation schedules, handling the customer service related complaints within the warranty period and help to analyze and track the service technicians are attending the service calls of their customers properly. In the online customer complaint system, service teams can have the service agreements after the completion of the service visit and share the same over an email. Moreover it also provides the response time to the complaint and provision of recording the actual time spent to resolve the complaints.

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In every business aim is customer satisfaction.Having a satisfied loyal customer is the mile stone for every business. Companies take extra precautions and pay close attention to their feedback to have the  clients experience. Customers come to know that service providers are committed in providing quality products and after sales service to them, wherein in the long run they become loyal customers. 

In the present market it’s a customer centric, where the customers have their choices of opting for the service from which company – who is providing the better service in time. Hence the after sales service provider companies, the core objective is to provide the better service to their customers in time. 

Service providers require a customer complaint management software, where they are able to manage all their loyal customers database, complaint management, AMC and warranty management, able to track the technicians complaints assigned, been attended or not. 

Benefits of Online Customer Management System:

  • Track details of Warranties / AMC opt by customer
  • Increase revenue by AMC and Warranty renewals
  • Complete complaint management
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Track spare parts consumption
  • Manage spare parts warranties details
  • Field service technician tracking mobile CRM app
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Highlighting the core features of Effective After Sales Service 

How to manage service tasks?

An online complaint  system is designed to manage the service process of an organization. With the help of a web based customer management system, service provider companies can track all their AMCs pending for renewal. They can track PMS visits. Customer complaints will help you to inform you about your product status, and provide the input with data,  wherein the company needs to improve and which complaints are received from the customer on the concern. If service providers are handling complaints poorly, recurring visits done for the same complaint, then the customers will not come back to you for future support. All these informations are available in an online customer management system, with how many visits been made by the service technician to resolve the same case nature complaint. Companies can retain their loyal customers with providing proper resolution to their complaints, handling the customer properly so that they give satisfactory feedback and also with the referrals.

Centralized Scheduling information

Many of the companies still maintain several spreadsheets, documents which they manually update and keep in some files. Technicians are busy in scheduling their tasks and saving their worksheets in their computer system or laptop. The online complaint  system is the tool which can save your time and save your data input into the relevant customer account, wherein you can refer to the feedback any time, anywhere. Which is helping the service heads and others with updated information of the customers.

Online customer complaint system is providing centralized information with real time updates. An online complaint  management system helps to streamline the business schedules for the service technicians and create a strategy for the better and good customer service. In the business all the data with the related customer details input to be a centralized database, wherein the technicians are able to access the important information related to the customer, when they are in the field of complaint task completion. One can access job sites, customer history and PMS visits from the software. It allows you to organize all the customer details like service history and payment details. Web based customer management system helps in paperless work process and streamline the service management process.

Meet customer’s expectations every time

 Meet customer’s expectation every time

Service departments become smarter and able to track their service operations with an online customer management system. The online complaint  system spare part consumption tracker helps the company’s service head to manage and monitor the complete visibility of spare parts consumption to which all complaints have happened. It helps you to view expenses, tasks and number of spare parts consumption. It simplifies the service complaint tracking. Customer complaint management software helps to maintain the AMC, Warranty updates,  scheduling service follow up activity with spare part consumption and also helps to increase the customer satisfaction.

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Removes the challenges and makes your work more easy

When service provider companies are not using any customer complaint management software to streamline their business, then it can lead to increase in costs and reduce productivity. Implementing the online complaint  system, will be a time saving solution. Key for successful business is great customer service. It is important to manage a client’s information database. Service managers can view the status of all the service activities. It also helps you to increase service revenue. One can retain loyal customer relationships for a long time, by providing them good customer service in time. By replacing manual methods to improve services, with the web based customer management system and streamline the service team with tracking their productivity in real time. 

Manages every aspect of service

Online customer management system is designed to manage all activities of the service process. It helps to boost the service staff’s productivity. One can instantly assign activities to the service technicians. You only need to login and can view the details. In a click you can get monthly installation reports, Closed complaints, service calls and more. Customers always want the best services from you but if you are unable to provide, they will go elsewhere.

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Some after-sales service tips that you can put into practice 

Have an efficient support service

In the same manner that companies contact customers, customers also contact the companies. In after-sales support, contact might be related to the use of the purchased product, support, and still more. That is why it is important for the brand to maintain an open and functional communication channel, which will meet the existing demand. 

Abandoning customers after sales is one of the big mistakes that should not be made. They need your support in order to get the most out of the purchased product. Not to mention that they might be after information about new products in order to buy other products of your brand. Remember that a bad experience posted on the Internet will be enough to destroy the reputation of the brand.

Contact customers on special dates

Customers are normal people, full of feelings. Brands that contact customers on special dates, like birthdays, reveal their concern not only with sales but also with the person’s well-being. Use memorial dates to give “gifts” to your customers. Exclusive discounts and promotions on such occasions are very much appreciated.

If you do not have adequate resources to promote marketing actions, a simple “Happy Birthday” message will have excellent results because it will help to humanize your brand and bring it closer to the buyer.


The customer complaint management software is helping to track customers’ complete historical information with the product purchases, as well as the interactions after the product sale and support provided to them by the service team .Online customer management system able to provide the information of the customer – when was the product purchased, whom the customer have contacted in the organization to place a complaint. The filed complaints against the product or services are attended or not. The real time information is very useful for the service head, to check whether a customer is attended by the technician in proper manner or if it has been a dissatisfied customer to whom a special care to be taken and convert him as a satisfied loyal customer. 

Customers’ expectation from the companies is to hear and attend their problems faced due to the product purchased. With the help of an online complaint  system, companies can engage the customer to purchase the new launched advanced product.

SalesBabu web based customer management system,  will be helping the businesses to effectively streamline the service team and provide complete information on customer complaints resolving the issues. Moreover customers will be happy, satisfied, and provide few references for the future.