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Benefits of field service tracking app

The mobile workforce management software provides an automated solution for the smooth running of business activities in the organisation. The mobile workforce management software creates a bridge of interaction between the office reps, mobile reps and customers. Mobile workforce management provides you an opportunity to make the right use of technology in order to increase the efficiency of the business. 

The Benefits of Mobile Workforce Management are – 

  • The mobile workforce management is customer focused as it focuses on customer data integration with the location of the mobile workforce management to result in happy customers. 
  • The implementation of mobile workforce management improves efficiency, productivity and automation. 
  • Adoption of the cloud based field service management software can help collection of data, deliver insights that helps you to take better decisions. The availability of overall information at the right time can reduce cost, identify areas of operational improvement, reduce risk. 
  • Cloud-based mobile workforce management software can help your business automate task management, data analytics, reporting, customer communication and performance monitoring. 
  • With mobile workforce management software, communication becomes very easy in every level of the process. It not helps in quick customer interactions but also ensures efficient communication amongst the service team. 
  • Mobile workforce management software will allow the immediate exchange of information which includes details of the work order, changes in the schedule, and also customer repair history. Within the minutes, the technicians will know what must be fixed, where to go, and which equipment will be needed on the site. 
  • This will enable the technicians to access the work order data, no matter where they are. The app, which is available on android and IOS, will completely support the communication between the members of the field service team.

The field force management software has evolved in the past years. From just contact management and work order management it advanced to route tracking, scheduling and real time update etc. The field service engineer management software helps the organisation to deliver effective services by tracking requests, managing customer data, maintaining visibility into operations and inventory management etc.

The best way you can manage your field operations is by implementing a field service engineer management software. The field force management software helps to manage your field force by capturing updated data from the point of execution. SalesBabu field force management software comes with an easy to use and simple web interface and sales tracker app which is basically an android based software which can be accessed from your smartphones anywhere, at anytime. From tracking your sales techs or engineer’s attendance and location to helping them take orders, capture stock, manage collections and track visibility the service management app helps your executives. 

With the help of the field service tracking app you can organize and mobilize efforts and stay in consistent communication by having an interconnected linked team network which provides constant updates regardless of the location. The field service tracking app helps the field force to streamline transaction coordination, client engagement and customer service. 

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Benefit of using a Field Service Tracking App 

1. Benefits of field force management software for field tech or engineer 

  • The field service engineer management app provides your field techs or engineers to update their call or ticket instantly from the customer’s location without having to go back to the office. 
  • The field service engineer management software lets the field techs or engineers to keep their manager updated about their day-to-day activities. This inturn increases work productivity and trust amongst the manager and field tech. 
  • The use of field service engineer management app eliminates manual errors. There will be no more errors, double entries or loss of data since the service management app configures with proper validations and stores all the data in the cloud. 
  • Your engineers need not have to maintain any paperworks or documents in written. 
  • All the required information is available on a single platform which can be installed in their android phones. The service management app comes with a user-friendly interface, accessible from anywhere at anytime. 

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2. Benefits of field force management software for field manager 

  • The field service engineer management software helps the field manager to capture GPS of the techs or engineers for location tracking. The manager can be updated with instant updates by the field techs. 
  • The field service tracking app provides accurate information to the managers regarding the distance covered by the field techs on a daily basis. 
  • Software allows managers to assign work to particular field reps or engineer without any time delay. 
  • It helps the managers to plan on the travel time, travel distance and hence reduce extra costs. 

3. Benefits of field force management software for Chief Executives 

  • The service management app plays a vital role in saving extra costs and improves savings through better resource utilization. 
  • It creates work satisfaction for the field reps as their work is made easier and smoother. Thus, happy workers results in increased productivity and business growth. It also reduces the attrition rate. 
  • Better service management results in improvement of brand image.  

Service Management Workflow

1. Customer Inquiry

The service center begins the workflow when a customer connects through a call, acknowledging their problems or requirements. The system logs a ticket immediately, including all the customer information and updating the problems. No redundant customer detail capture is necessary.

2. Task Assignment

The service center manager automated workflow assignment to field technicians or engineers depending on aspects such as location, skills, availability, and workload. Customizations for auto-assignment are possible as required.

3. Job Assignment Alert

The service technician or field team members gather all a detailed job alert, involving customer location, route guidance, contact information, past ticket history, spare parts requirements, and warranty details. This comprehensive information assures the field tech is well-informed on the customer’s entire situation with the help of a unified platform.

4. Field Engineer Visit

At the time of the field engineer’s visit, essential job information such as spare parts requirements, photo documentation, and checklist evaluations are updated for further processing.

5. Ticket Closure

After a successful resolution of the problems, the ticket is wound up by updating the problems resolution information. SalesBabu’s field force management software streamlines cloud-based mobile workflow management. Such introduction of SalesBabu’s field force management software gathers both tangible and intangible benefits. These involve gathering a comprehensive understanding of the service management procedure, risk alleviating, cost minimization, insights into the sales funnel, quality checks, periodic tracking of the service team’s performance, and, most significantly, promoting efficient interaction with customers through the integration of a service management app.

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6. Reduced errors 

Operating with zero errors is impossible. But being driven in identifying and setting the errors right is something that you can be able to work on. With the help of workflow management systems, it is very much easier to prevent the errors from occurring in the first place, And if that happens, your system will pinpoint the exact locations. You can work out the twists and prevent the same errors from happening again. 

7. Improved work culture 

There are many companies that are working remotely, already there are a lot of emails and messages going around. This system will help to keep organized and also trackable. Employees are much collaborative and goal-driven. Workflow management has the potential to evolve into a company-wide practice that gets inscribed in the work culture of the company.

The basic features of SalesBabu field force management software are 

  1. Complaint Management 
    • Monitor service activities 
    • Visibility AMC 
    • Case nature 
    • Complaint priority 
    • Complaint allocation 
    • Problems and resolutions 
  2. AMC Management 
    • PMS (Preventive Maintenance Schedule) visit scheduling 
    • PMS (Preventive Maintenance Schedule) checklist 
    • AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) time period 
    • AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) Pending notification 
    • Product details 
    • Machine site details 
  3. Warranty Management 
    • Centralized warranty details 
    • Warranty ending notification 
  4. Spare Parts Consumption Management
    • Tracking of rate of the spare parts consumption 
    • Details of the quantity of the spare parts consumption 
    • Forecast reorder level 
    • Good transfer details 
    • Goods obtained report 
  5. Installation Management 
    • Schedulement PMS Visits 
    • Maintenance of PMS Visits counts
    • Warranty detection 
    • Remarks updates 
    • Warranty configuration 
    • Machine site details
  6. Service Quotation Management 
    • Track revenue generation 
    • Track inventory consumption
    • Track manpower usage 
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To know more about the features and functionalities of SalesBabu Service Management Software you can request for a free demo or visit our website

Thus, a Field Service Management Software is a cost effective investment that can benefit your organisation to the fullest. Just see to that you invest in the best Service Management Software for better results.