Strengthen Your Customer Service

Customers are lifelines for every business. In terms of revenue and to gain market reliability it is required to treat, serve and care your customers with delight.

Customer service is a provision of service before and after sales. Customer satisfaction is a key for any customer service operation. Let’s see how we can add more satisfied customer in to our Business Bucket and how to achieve desired numbers in Sales for a business though satisfied customers.

Customer satisfaction and service quality are at the core of any successful business. Do you know

how satisfied your customers are with your staff and your products/services? Are you getting the

most out of your Customer Satisfaction (CSat) programme?


Major obstacles in Customer Service Management

  • How to manage Client Data at single screen?
  • How to handled customer queries/ complain  –  Escalation?
  • How to increase Customer Satisfaction in to your product & services?
  • Is it possible to Enhance Customer Relation for customer retention?
  • Is it possible to Track Customer Complaint automatically?
  • Is it possible to Schedule & Tracking the pending complaint?

How service CRM help them to overcome challenges ?

Maintain Centric Data

SalesBabu CRM Service on Demand allows companies to maintain data on single node, which is more feasible & easy to handle, maintain and retrieve rather than traditional approaches. Service CRM gives you a better platform, where companies can resolve customer complaint more accurately with the help of Robust & Centric customer database.

Manage & Enhance Relation with Customers

Service CRM enables Companies, to provide better customer service and gain more business in term of new customers. CRM helps them to manage better relation with customer and achieve their SLA and also keep a record on all the service & support procedures.

Retain & Increase Customer Pool

Service CRM enables companies to retain previous customer, and help them to add new one’s more frequently and easily. Service CRM enabled companies can easily resolve the customer escalation & queries one to one, which helps you to increase your service level agreement.


Benefits of SalesBabu Service CRM in various Service Industries

Track & Manage Complaints

SalesBabu service CRM enables companies to track and manage their customer complain more easily and effectively, which helps you to increase the complaint Response Time and decrease the overall turnaround time (complaint Closing Time) to resolve complains. SalesBabu Service CRM help out your customer support team from a hectic customer service approaches and enable your team to manage and handle complaints independently.

Robust Database & Client Tracking

SalesBabu Service CRM enables companies to manage its client history robustly. Service CRM keeps proper customer record, which helps you to track all the customer transaction with your company. Means to say, which product customer bought by which vendor and on which date. Service CRM helps you out with the scheduling of product warranties, and service AMC.

Error Free Installation, AMC & PMS Scheduling

SalesBabu Service CRM enables companies to schedule all the support activities in that manner where customer satisfaction is a mandate and prior process. CRM helps to schedule all installation, AMC and PMS work force to their respective engineer and reduce a chance of any kind of human error.


We at SalesBabu always believe in customer satisfaction, as we all knows, Good Customer Service is Back Bone for every business and it’s all about the bringing customer’s back in to your bucket. Good Customer service is a delightful relationship with customers, which always holds an individual customer feeling. SalesBabu Service CRM enables organization to increase their customer service business process, its revenue and market reliability in terms of customer and capital.


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