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Strengthen Your Customer Service

Customers are lifelines for every business. In terms of revenue and to gain market reliability it is required to treat, serve and care your customers with delight. Customer service is providing the service to every customer of the company –  before the sales or during the sales process or after a purchase of a product. Customer satisfaction is a key for any customer service operation. Let us see how SalesBabu can help with the customer complaint management software, add more satisfied customers into your business bucket and how can a company achieve desired numbers in sales for a business though a satisfied loyal customers.

Customer satisfaction and service quality is at the core of any successful business. Does anyone know how satisfied customers are with the company staff and products/services? Do the company get the most out of their Customer Satisfaction (CSat) programme? 

With the help of customer service system software, a good service is provided to the customers in time, also making sure their requirements are attended by the service team. This kind of prompt service reflects good remarks with positiveness on the company. 

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Tips to Improve your Customer Service

  1. Learn to Empathise with your Customers 

Empathy is the capability to understand how the customer is feeling and also where they are coming from. While some people seem like they are born with these characteristics, it is a skill that can be acquired. When listening to the customer, try to look into the problem through his eyes and imagine how it makes him feel. This is very important in customer service because the customer will be more receptive if they feel understood. It can also reduce conflict and create a more enjoyable interaction with your company.

  1. Communicate Clearly

The ability to clearly communicate, both verbally and also in writing, is necessary for customer service, especially if you are speaking to someone who has a different native language. Answers to all your questions must be clear, concise, and in your natural tone of voice. Customers need an explanation, but they do not need to know all the details. If they ask for more details, you can share, but most people want their issues to be resolved quickly. Always end each conversation with a question such as, “is there anything else I can do for you today?” so that they have one more opportunity to ask another question and you know that you have done everything you can to resolve the issue. Also, make sure to communicate hold times if you put them on hold while you pull up their account or talk to your manager. On live chat especially, it is very much important that you do not idle too long.

Major obstacles in Customer Service Management

  • How to manage Client Data at a single screen?

A single screen customer view is also known commonly as 360 degree customer view. In the web based customer management system, it gathers all the data – related to the prospects, clients, complaints and AMC details, which is merged and displayed as a single record over a dashboard. .

  • How to handle customer queries/ complaints  –  Escalation?

Different companies have different processes in handling the customers’ complaints. Companies are following their escalation matrix process. Majority of them are following – No matter the customer’s anger, focus is to look into the issue by soft spoken and positive attitude, try to find out and understand the issue. Finally take time in finding out the best way of resolving and lastly get into resolving the issue. 

  • How to increase Customer Satisfaction in your product & services?

Always listen to the customers and provide what they want. With the help of an online complaint  system service team becomes proactive. Service teams provide timely support and tracking of the same is  important to avoid the dissatisfaction of the customer. Online customer complaint system gives the complete details related to the complaint and when, who and what been done with the complaint. This update and customer’s positive feedback increases the satisfaction of the company’s product or service. 

  • Is it possible to Enhance Customer Relation for customer retention?

Prime objective of an online customer management system is to help companies to improve their loyal  customer retention. Also look into the increase of new customer acquisition, without hindering the good service to the existing customer relations and ensuring the new customers by making them a loyal customer. 

  • Is it possible to Track Customer Complaint automatically?

In the customer complaint management software, tracking of the customer complaints is to give the status of the complaints registered and what kind of the issues have been addressed by them. Moreover, fetching the feedback from the customer on the product usage. Any kind of negative feedback has been provided then the customer service department will look into the issue and provide the appropriate feedback to the relevant department. Online complaint  system helps in monitoring the both complaints and compliments shared by the customers. 

  • Is it possible to Schedule & Tracking the pending complaint?

Every complaint gets registered into an online customer management system, wherein the complaint number is generated for every complaint. This generated number is shared with customers for easy tracking of their complaint status. Service team managers look into the status of complaints being completed or yet pending. Department head tracks the list of complaints registered and to whom it is being assigned. They take quick updates from the service teammates in realtime to ensure that complaints are attended in time and have the customers satisfactory feedback. 

  • How does service CRM help them to overcome challenges ?

To overcome the challenges by providing the service to the customer  in time by the technician team and setting a goal of giving continuous good support as and when required. Customer support team must help the customers in providing proper guidance. With the help of customer service system software, it will improve the communication gap between the company and with the existing loyal customers. This will result in a better experience for customers and the company.  

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Maintain Centric Data

SalesBabu online customer management system allows companies to maintain data on a single node, which is more feasible & easy to handle, maintain and retrieve rather than traditional approaches. An online complaint  system gives  a better platform, where companies can resolve customer complaints more accurately with the help of robust & centric customer databases.

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Manage & Enhance Relation with Customers

Customer service system software enables companies to provide better customer service and gain more business in terms of new customers. The online customer management system helps to manage better relations with customers and achieve their SLA and also keep a record on all the service & support procedures.

Retain & Increase Customer Pool

A web based customer management system enables companies to retain previous customers and help them to add new customers more frequently and easily. Customer complaint management software enabled companies can easily resolve the customer escalation & queries one to one, which helps  to increase the service level agreement. Moreover it is boosting the customer service and improves the overall customer experience

Benefits of SalesBabu Service CRM in various Service Industries

Track & Manage Complaints

Online customer complaint system enable companies to track and manage their customer complaints more easily and effectively. Online complaint  system helps to increase the complaint response time and decrease the overall turnaround time (complaint closing time) to resolve complaints. SalesBabu customer service system software helps the customer support team – having hectic customer service approaches, enabling the team to manage and handle complaints independently.

Robust Database & Client Tracking

SalesBabu online complaint  system enables companies to manage its client history robustly. A web based customer management system keeps a proper customer record, which helps to track all the customer transactions with the  company. An online customer complaint system gives the information on the product – customer bought of which vendor product and on which date it was purchased. An online customer management system helps with scheduling of product warranties and service AMC.

Error Free Installation, AMC & PMS Scheduling

SalesBabu online customer management system enables companies to schedule all their support activities wherein the customer’s satisfaction is a mandate. 

Installation is any kind of a consumer product or industrial machinery getting installed in position to use. AMC which is an agreement signed up between the customer and the manufacturer, in regard to the maintenance of the product is provided as per the tenure specified with or without the spare parts. Preventive maintenance support or service is usually after the installation the maintenance of the product or industrial machinery is performed to check it is in working and does not face any kind  unexpected breakdown. The PMS is scheduled for the regular interval as per the company norms. 

Majorly the service oriented companies are providing the service to their loyal customers, to retain them by signing up an AMC- Annual maintenance contract and providing PMS as per the schedule dates. Web based customer management system helps to schedule all installation, AMC and PMSto the respective engineer and try to reduce any kind of a human error.

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We at SalesBabu always believe in customer satisfaction, as we all know, good customer service is the backbone for every business and it’s all about bringing customer’s back into the company’s bucket. Good Customer service is a delightful relationship with customers, which always holds an individual customer feeling. 

SalesBabu customer complaint management software enables organizations to increase their customer service business process, its revenue and market reliability in terms of customer and capital.