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Track After Sales Service Effectively With Service Management Software

As a business or company that’s customer-facing within the industry, you ought to highly prioritize after-sale customer service. It’s highly beneficial and creates a reputation for your business within a dense market. There are hundreds and thousands of customer service businesses out there, and you usually want to confirm you stand out from the group. Be the most effective you’ll be able to be, and your business is on top before you recognize it.

Good after sales service builds long term relations among a company and its customers. When you are providing better services to your customers it means you are earning their loyalty which helps you to run your business perfectly. Many successful businesses are using Service Management Software to grow loyal customers and creating a tale of increasing profits from existing customers.

What is After Sales Customer Service? 

After Sales Customer Service, also known as After Sales Service or After Sales Support. This refers to the procedure which verifies the purchasers are satisfied and happy with the services or products they received or bought. After-sales service aims to confirm that their expectations were surpassed by a mile. They’re a vital part of your customer satisfaction rates and perhaps the make or break of your business. Some huge companies still have excellent after-sales customer services, and this really does strengthen the bond between the shoppers and therefore the organization. 

You don’t want to lose customers once you start making money, it’s better to be highly regarded than not. You can make sure the best after-sales customer services by doing several things including emailing the customer (if they need a loyalty card) after their purchase to work out how their experience was and thank them for shopping with you. you’ll even have questionnaires for patrons to fill out every so often to search out what you’ll be able to improve on. It’s surprising what percentage of people will fill out the survey honestly and openly if you offer them a variety of rewards. Perhaps 10 or 15% off their next purchase? Customers like their opinions to be heard and this can be the simplest way they will voice their concerns or likes.

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Benefits of Service Management Software:

  • Track details of Warranties / AMC opt by customer
  • Increase revenue by AMC and Warranty renewals
  • Complete complaint management
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Track spare parts consumption
  • Manage spare parts warranties details
  • An increase in sales
  • The loyalty of your customers
  • An improvement in your performance
  • An element differentiating you from competitors.

How to manage service tasks?

Service Management Software is designed to manage the service process of the organization. With the help of Service Management software you can track all the AMCs pending for renewal. One can track PMS visits. Customer complaints will help you to inform about your product status, where you need to improve and mostly which complaints you are getting from the customer. If you are handling complaints poorly, customers will not come back to you. One can retain customers with good complaints handling and customers will also give you referrals.

Centralized Scheduling information

Service management software centralizes information and provides real time updates. One can access job sites, customer history and PMS visits. It allows you to organize all the customer details like service history and payment details. It removes your paper work process and streamline your service process.

Meet customer’s expectations every time

Instant visibility to parts availability and work order histories improves service levels. It helps you to view expenses, tasks and no. of part consumption. Service departments become smarter now and track their service operations with service management software. It simplifies the work order tracking. This software helps you to reduce overhead, scheduling time and increases customer satisfaction.

Removes the challenges and makes your work more easy

When you are not using any system to streamline your business then it can lead to increase in costs and reduce productivity. It is time saving software. Key for successful business is great customer service. It is important to manage a client’s information database. Service managers can view the status of all the service activities. It also helps you to increase service revenue. One can retain customer relations for a long time by giving them good customer service. Replace manual methods to improve services.

Manages every aspect of service

Service Management Software is designed to manage all activities of the service process. It will also boost your staff’s productivity. One can instantly assign activities to the service technicians. You only need to login and can view the details. In a click you can get monthly installation reports, Closed complaints, service calls and more. Customers always want the best services from you but if you are unable to provide, they will go elsewhere.

Reasons Why After Sales Service Is Important

Are you taking feedback and providing support for your customers? If yes, then it means you’re going to have a more loyal customer on a long-term basis in your business. There are many reasons why it’s crucial – from creating a loyal customer community to improving your own employee’s customer service skills. We have noticed that staying in touch with your customers even after they have purchased a product or service will ensure you’re one of the best in the industry, customers value it when you have respect for them. Due to this reason, it’s essential for your company. It creates a trust and relationship between a company or brand that no one can break.

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Based on our experience, we have put together a list of reasons why after-sales support service is crucial, they’re only brief, but it’s sure to convince you how you should be dealing with your customers.

  • It gives customers an idea of how your company or business treats them and others.
  • It provides support to the customers when they need it.
  • This gives a positive aspect of your business, and when people find out everything you do for customers, they will keep coming back.

After Sales Customer Service Techniques

  • Sales reps need to stay in touch with the customers even after closing the deal. Always attend to their calls, emails, messages, etc to make them feel they are valuable.
  • Keep in touch by calling them once in a while and exchange goodies. 
  • Provide them the required support to install, maintain, or operate a particular product. For example sales guys selling laptops must ensure the OS is configured in the system and customers are able to use it without any difficulty. Similarly, organizations selling mobile RO must ensure the machine is installed on a given date and time and they are satisfied with the water quality.
  • A sales rep should immediately replace or exchange any product found broken or in a damaged condition. Always give your best service and support. Listen to their grievances, acknowledge it, and make them feel comfortable.
  • In your company’s web page create a section where the customers can register their complaints. Every company should have a toll free number where the customers can call and discuss their issues, and the customer service supervisor should take quick action on the issue registered by the customer. The problems must be resolved immediately.
  • Always take the valuable feedback on the services or products from the customers. With the help of this feedback, the company knows the customers better and incorporates the necessary changes for better customer satisfaction.
  • Request the customers to go for AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) with your company. AMC refers to an agreement agreed upon between the customer and company where the company commits to providing after-sales services to the second party for a certain duration at nominal costs.
  • The exchange policies must be transparent and in the customer’s favor. The customer who contacts you for an exchange should be given the same treatment as he was given when he came for the first time. Listen to him with attention, speak to him politely, and suggest him the best alternative.

Best after-sales services practices

Listen to your customers

A business that listens to customers is the one that understands them properly. Give your customers some time to explain themselves. You will also get all the information from them by conducting a real-time survey. 

Make your customer feel valued

Always, look for ways of providing additional value for your customer, as they expect it! For instance, when a customer brings in their bike for servicing, provide them a free inspection report.

Streamline your service process

Your customer ‘expects’! They expect you to be the expert of all trades and make them a priority. Document all the procedures and train your staff to do things in a moment. This way, even your staff will be more organized.

Build a positive atmosphere

If you operate out of a store, train your staff to be joyful and helpful. If you are an online business, train them to make your customers feel good and satisfied each time they come in.

Monitor and refine your performance

Track your service performance from time to time and have a system in place that can track and keep an eye on your activities. Keep upgrading your processes with the technology and lookout new and exciting ways to keep your customers engaged.