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AMC Management Software

AMC Management Software

Understanding AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract):

AMC, which is an Annual Maintenance Contract, is well-recognised as an Annual Maintenance Charges. It is a post-sales service granted to potent customers.

The prompt globalization of current markets has resulted into a considerable upswing in the Service Industry. For those industries indulged in manufacturing or selling products, after-sales service and warranty management have become mandatory elements of customer service management. Such elements deliver a vital role in a company’s growth and development.

AMC is mostly an amount in terms of fee charged by the service provider company to its customers for both tangible and intangible products. Such charges may be applicable for a fixed duration. An AMC management system supports the service provider companies in effectively managing their customers’ AMC and managing customer complaint calls through software.

Most of the AMC service providers prioritizes serving quality customer care, making sure that customer reactions post-support are pivotal. Systematic and scheduled support is paramount, ensuring the availability whenever customers look for assistance. Such an approach not only improves customer satisfaction but also contributes to elevated revenue through after-sales service, product warranties, and repairs.

An online AMC management software eases the monitoring of information associated with a particular annual maintenance contract, accessible with an effortless keystroke. It effectively maintains customer information and product purchase information, managing Annual Maintenance Contracts, Preventive Maintenance Contracts, and Complaint Service Calls for products possessing warranty contracts that need constant servicing.

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Highlighting features of the Online AMC Management Software

SalesBabu AMC Management System is a web and mobile application solution, which can be accessed by the field service technicians and service engineers for their day to day tasks updates.

Online AMC Management Software is designed to enhance the on field operations of the technicians who go for their service calls. In the AMC reporter, service engineers visits are mentioned for the customer complaints, which is supposed to be attended by them. The scheduled tasks are closed once the AMC complaints have been attended and resolved. In the Mobile App, service technicians update all the necessary inputs related to the complaints, so that the service head is able to track the spares provided to them whether they are consumed or not, the amount is being collected or not. To manage all kind of service call related works can be managed in the AMC management system

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AMC Scheduling

Image Text – AMC Scheduler through Online AMC Management Services [ Text to be removed Annual Maintenance Contract] 

AMC Scheduler through Online AMC Management Services

In the AMC reporter, you can create an AMC periodic service. With the help of online AMC management software, the service head is able to view how many service calls have been scheduled by the service technicians and for which customer from which region. This is helping the service head to review the area wise AMC calls in the AMC management system software. This is optimizing the workforce competently by finding the nearest technician, who is available and can attend the customer site for the AMC complaint call. This way the service head can schedule a task to the nearest technician available. This kind of scheduling is a prompt allotment of the technician for an efficient service call and smooth way of handling the customer calls.

Preventive Maintenance Schedule (PMS) and Visits

PMS Visits

Online AMC management software is able to schedule and sort the preventive maintenance schedule (PMS) visits. Any product – tangible or intangible is sold by the company, there will be some free PMS visits given, for the maintenance of the product. Here the engineers are scheduled to those PMS by the service head. Scheduled PMS which is to be attended by the technicians, on the scheduled date. If the technicians are unable to attend at the scheduled date, they can reschedule with the prior approval from the seniors or service head. Auto notifications for the service engineers on the scheduled PMS can be initiated through the AMC reporter solution.

Service Visits Call Report

In the SalesBabu AMC solution, it is enhanced with the online reporting of the service visits done by the service engineers. The service engineer, who had visited the customer site, for the maintenance call, will fill the updates over a mobile app and jots down the issues faced in the product. Service engineers who are working on the fixing of the issue, updates in the complaint stating the work is completed, if any parts are replaced will be mentioned, inserts the customer remarks and closes the service call. The service call will be closed by fetching the resolution date and time. 

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AMC Reminders

AMC Reminders

In the online AMC Management Services, the details of how early AMC can be renewed by the customer is available. This way company people will check with customers on the renewal status of the AMC for the product supplied.

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Product Master Management

In the SalesBabu AMC management software solution, it provides the ease of adding and managing products for multiple principals. In the solution category and sub category can be defined and filtering the products is easy. This kind of ease is required for the technicians  to track all required details of the products, on a single platform. Even the tracking of the products helps the other employees who have been working on the solution. Product model numbers can also be specified while creating the product masters. 

AMC Mobile App To Help The Technicians

AMC Mobile App

SalesBabu AMC Management System is a cloud based solution with an access over the mobile application for ease of the field service team who are always on the field operations to attend the customer complaints. This mobile app is a very useful tool for the technicians who can schedule their daily service call tasks. Moreover they are able to update their service calls over the mobile app, so that  their calls are up to date. Management and service heads are able to have the service technicians calls completed or pending over their web based dashboard. They are able to know the TAT and review the performance of each technician on the service calls completions. 

Service technicians are getting the AMC renewal reminders, so that they can interact with the customers and request them to do the renewal of the same.

Easy Access of The Customers Data

Online AMC Management Software, customers data are well maintained and easy to access in the solution . AMC solution is able to fetch the data of the customer likewise their contacts, email address, phone numbers, product purchase details, documents attachment can be done, how many complaints been registered and attended, if any spare parts replaced, PMS schedules and visits done, AMC renewals, AMC pending, Machine history, Machines AMC start and end dates and many more features available. 

Benefits of AMC Management Software

Manage Maintenance Contracts

With the help of AMC Management Software, the service managers can track down those AMC’s which are near to expiration within the next 30 days, since it would be highlighted on their home screen. This reduces the chance of missing the renewal of contracts by 100%. Automated creation of AMC invoices makes things easier.

Manage your Service Call Reminders

Make all your employees work in a systematic way by giving them the benefit of managing their service calls the most accurately. This software regularly sends notifications and reminders to the concerned employees about the services due through their login accounts. Tracking and maintaining are thus simplified for your employees like never before.

Manage Products’ AMC

Manage the AMC of the product delivered by you which includes everything from the product issue date to warranty duration and all the other necessary data. Keep an active record of the maintenance procedure through our software which is further kept up to date simultaneously in the most organized way. Assist the benefit of getting all the related information at a single click.

Email and Message Campaigns

Our most exclusive AMC Management Software lets you hold and organize email and message campaigns all together in the least complicated manner. Send auto-generated emails and messages to your customers in different cases such as the coming expiration of the agreement, etc. These email and message campaigns also help your employees by always keeping them up to date.


SalesBabu Online AMC Management Services is Cost Effective. It helps in reducing the cost of the organization and at the same time they do not need to have additional employees in their organization for maintenance work.

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