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Maintaining Good Customer Relations With SalesBabu After Sales Service CRM Software

Don’t just say “lets keep in touch”, make efforts to be in touch!  

What is After Sales Service? 

After Sales Service is the special service provided by the company to the customer or client based on the product or service purchased by them. 

After sales service is as important as sales in the organisation. You will not earn any profit from the after sales service but it will surely increase the goodwill and brand image of your company. It not only creates customer satisfaction but also pays way for word of mouth marketing of your products or services. After sales service plays an important role in maintaining good customer relations. A good after sales service builds long term relations among the company and its customers. When you are providing better services to your customers it means you are earning their loyalty which helps you to run your business perfectly. Many successful businesses are using Service Management Software to grow their loyal customers and increase profits from existing customers.

What are the benefits of after sales service?

  1. An increase in sales 
  2. Increases the loyalty of customers 
  3. Helps to enhance customer satisfaction 
  4. Helps to understand customer needs and expectations 
  5. Remain ahead from your competitors 

Benefits of Service Management Software

  • Track details of Warranties / AMC opt by customer
  • Increase revenue by AMC and Warranty renewals
  • Complete complaint management
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Track spare parts consumption
  • Manage spare parts warranties details

How to manage service tasks?

Service Management Software is designed to manage service process of the organization. With the help of Service Management software you can track all the AMCs pending for renewal, one can track PMS visits also. Customer complaints will help you to inform about your product status that –  where you need to improve and mostly which complaints you are getting from the customer? If you are handling complaints poorly, customers will not come back to you. One can retain customers with good complaints handling and customers will also give you referrals. Until and unless you ensure your customers that you are putting efforts to solve their problems they will not come back to you for more. 

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Centralized Scheduling information

Service management software centralizes information and provides real time updates. One can access job sites, customer history and PMS visits. It allows you to organize all the customer details like service history and payment details. It removes your paperwork process and streamlines your service process.

Meet customer’s expectations every time

Instant visibility to parts availability and work order histories improves service levels. It helps you to view expenses, tasks and no. of part consumption. Service departments have become more smarter now and tracking their service operations with service management software is easy. It simplifies the work order tracking and the software helps you to reduce overhead, scheduling time and increases customer satisfaction.

Removes the challenges and makes your work more easy

When you are not using any system to streamline your business then it can lead to increase in costs and reduces productivity. It is time saving software. Key for successful business is great customer service. It is important to manage clients information database. Service managers can view the status of all the service activities. It also helps you to increase service revenue. One can retain customer relations for a long time by giving them good customer service.

Manages every aspect of service

Service Management Software is designed to manage all activities of service process. It will also boost your staff’s productivity. One can instantly assign activities to the service technicians. You only need to login and you can view the details. In a click you can get monthly installation reports, closed complaints, service calls and many more. Customers always want best services from you but if you are unable to provide, they will go elsewhere.

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Tips for an effective after sales activities 

  1. Treat your customers like they deserve the best of all. 
  2. From personalized emails to phone calls you can make your customers feel that they are valued. 
  3. Give offers and discounts which will attract your customers for more. 
  4. Ask them for their feedback. Your customers are the best critic and it helps you to improve your product or service in order to get a much better result. 
  5. When you follow up your customers it not only enhances your business relationship but also improves upsell and cross-sell of products or services. 
  6. Do not make fake promises to your customers or clients. Instead say what is possible and do it ASAP. 
  7. Keep them updated about your offers, discounts and services as this will lead to upsell and cross-sell. 
  8.  You will have to face many tough customers but do not lose patience. Take it as a challenge and try to face them with a smile on your face. 

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SalesBabu Service Management 

Sometimes we tend to become so preoccupied into obtaining new customers that we forget to take care of our existing customers. And thus having a good after sales service is also as important as customer retention and increasing sales. When your customers are happy with you they not just come back to you but are also helping you to create a good brand image in the competitive market. 

True customer service can be rendered by close quarter monitoring of all open complaints & individual assignment of the same amongst the service engineers or technicians or mechanics. The SalesBabu Service CRM software provides the proper information capture and the detailed course of action that follows until a complaint is resolved. The job card can be provided to keep the customer feedback column too.

These features not only improve the productivity of the SERVICE staff but also ensure good quality customer care and thus build great relation between the company & its customers. 

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