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CRM Trends That Small Businesses Can Use to Improve Their Customer Relationship Approach

Using Customer Relationship Management Software is good but using CRM with the latest trend is wonderful for any Business. Let’s talk about some important Online CRM trend for small business

Support for Mobile Devices 

It is very important in today’s scenario and in this world of competition CRM solution providers cater to customers in very possible manner. Technology is changing with every passing day  and customers demand and expectations are increasing too.

CEO’S/Heads want to control and track over the work performance and they need information instantly over the phone. CRM on mobile is the best solution for CEO’s monitoring. As it can be easily accessible  / work on smartphones and tablets, Android phones, iPhones, iPads, Windows Phones and other web-enabled mobile devices. Mobile CRM allows employees who are at a remote location or on field or working from home to access, update and interact with customer data wherever they are. The mobile CRM solutions let employees do everything they could do with CRM at their desktop. The best part is that you need not have to worry about security as you can easily define security and other access preferences to individuals and groups of users, anyone who needs to interact with customer data. 

Along with CRM application which can be accessed through various devices, SalesBabu CRM also provides facilities of Mobile Sales app which is even more user friendly and easy to use for software users. This app is easily installable on different mobiles and can be used for completely daytoday work item while on the go. For Example – With Mobile sales App, sales agents can share live locations with their managers to report their current assignment and get new work item based on nearest proximity to clients. Sales agents can generate automated quotations and quick sales orders while on the move and share documents and live demos to the customer for faster sales closures

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These features help customers to get round the clock support from the service team hence improving overall client experience with the firm.

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CRM With a Social and Collaborative Focus 

CRM service providers are aware that they are required to integrate CRM software with Social media platforms which requires a personal touch.

These days only few business houses are using social media platforms as a source of revenue and others are still not aware of the power of social media platforms. if you want to grow business, first you are required to strengthen relationships with your customers and this can be more precisely be done via social media platforms (interacting more with your customers).

SalesBabu CRM provides features which can help to integrate with different social media websites and other modes of communication which will not only help in tracking prospective clients for the business but also help in filtration and lead nurturing of prospects. These automated features help in better lead management and automation of overall sales lifecycle with the clients and prospective customers.

Also, sales team can understand various demand and market trends through social media comments and reviews and also use social media as a great source of marketing opportunity for our products.

With these social media websites and webpages, the sales team can always stay connected to prospective leads and send them targeted reviews and comments along with targeted presentation on public channels and web chats for faster lead management and nurturing facilities.

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SaaS Delivery Models

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software where vendor or service provider through distribution model provides applications and are made available to customers over a network, via the Internet.

It is designed in such a way  that it helps businesses house to integrate the applications. It enables employees to use format throughout their offices. The main thing to consider is how the new software will work with your existing software, as well as with future software applications you may need to purchase.

SalesBabu is an efficient Saas software which is easily adaptive and customised as per the needs of small scale ventures and startup businesses. Also, the cost effective solution for overall management of business process help small scale ventures to easily adapt to this software solution for integrated business solution.

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CRM Reimagined

With the increase in mobile phone usage and most importantly now a day’s carrying mobile phone is not a status symbol but a necessity and keeping this in view CRM service providers are revamping their software. So that individuals/ corporate can use cloud CRM applications on mobile sets/ipad/handheld devices.

The current CRM Software’s are based on forms, lists, and reports and although this has served client needs now CRM service providers are focused on reimagining the user experience.

The CRM software will be Re imagined which will be user friendly for hand held devices. It will come up with features like pop-ups, with drag and drop functionality within records, and full touch screen capabilities.  A software which will focus more on outcomes and less on activities. It will enhance consumable experience (on any device) and you can stay connected seamlessly via numerous social media platforms.

Efficient reports and analysis facilities help seamless creation of various statics and inbuilt reports for overall business productivity and product demand life cycle. With these reports, sales heads and managers can gaze through the overall demand of the product and create more futuristic plans for increasing revenue for the organisation.

Small scale ventures need options which are not cost efficient but also be easily adaptable by employees and user friendly. As startup have ma power restriction and also financially dependent on many institutes, salesBabu CRM sales management software will be the best suited for these business model which helps them to stay connected to the customer with every mode communication and operate their business services with economic process and integrated set of  services.

Businesses are automating more processes using CRM

Many of the top business owners are investing more in automation in recent years, which have placed automation in the front and centre for their marketing and product. We can predict that CRM will become more synonymous with automation. For instance, you will use a chat box to communicate with the customers and solve all the help tickets automatically or using automated emails for the workflow to nurture all the sale leads down the funnel. With automation, many of the businesses will offer high-quality customer services also while optimizing the operational costs which increases the number of businesses and CRMs continue to support new ways. 

Artificial Intelligence is becoming a key part of CRM

If there is one thing that is affecting all the industries, that is artificial intelligence. Businesses are using more Artificial intelligence. AI is associated with all the activities of CRM which will boost the revenue of the businesses. 

There are few barriers for the first time CRM users

65% of the professionals use CRM and 97% of the sales consider sales technology very important. However, that leaves almost one-third of the sales professionals are not using CRM. Some of the common barriers while adapting the CRM includes reservations about the costs and lacking the resources and also knowledge of the tech to implement a CRM system. As CRM continues to be the trend of the businesses being cheaper, very simple and easy to implement and also easy to use, these objections are becoming increasingly irrelevant. 

Consumers expect companies to know more about them

A customer-to-business relationship is increasingly becoming more likely as the other human relationship. Most of the companies need to remember all the previous conversations with all the customers, understand the needs of customers and also their expectations, adjust the communication according to the customers. To enable all this, all you need is data of the customers which must be quickly accessible and accurate. Having a CRM connected to the tech stack is the best way to fix all these. CRM will allow all the different members of the team to store all the necessary data of customers and also about the previous conversations.

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Customer centricity is the talk of the town for every business model in the current economic market, Small scale venture need to implement a reasonable and efficient CRM software like SalesBabu CRM to improve their overall customer relationship and revenue generation for the firm.

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