Won More Leads with SalesBabu Web Based CRM Software, India

won-more-leadsManage multiple sales tasks

Are you facing problems to manage inquiries and sales activities. You can utilize leads in best possible way and can easily convert them into sales. SalesBabu web based CRM software, India helps you to maintain complete record of sales inquiries on one platform. You can schedule meetings and follow-ups and can get the daily reminders. It monitors complete sales cycle. It also helps all the sales people to follow the same process which gives best output.

Some important features of  Web based CRM Software: 

  • Manages Contacts and Accounts
  • Opportunities and Quotation Management
  • Sales activity reminders
  • Sales Forecasting and MIS Reports
  • Tracks complete workflow
  • Assign leads to sales team
  • Sales performance Tracking
  • Sales Order Management

Spend useful time on important leads

You can easily identify the important leads and can track them accordingly which improves your business. Web based CRM software keeps track of sales activities like payment collections, meetings, e-mails, sales orders, quotations, invoices and Reports. You can also automate which marketing campaigns are providing best leads. It maximizes the lead conversions with proper lead management process. You will never miss any important lead. You can’t convert leads on first call, it takes time and with regular follow-ups and e-mails you can convince easily and make more sales.

Great way to manage sales

SalesBabu CRM Software understands your business needs. Useless leads eat up lot of time of the organization which results in sales loss. It solves all the worries and gives you accurate sales reports. Sales team can update customer interactions and other sales activities from anywhere. It is the best technique to improve business procedures. Spreadsheets can’t give you much profit because technology has changed now. So it will not give you all the reports on one place. It maintains backup on clouds.


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