Who Should Use CRM Software?

All SME’s are well known about the Customer Relationship Software functionality and its advantages in their vertical business processes. Sales process is a crucial tier of your business and companies wants to keep a vigil eye on their Sales team and their efforts. As we know there are bunches of CRM in worldwide market, but major thing is that, how to select a CRM for your Business.  Let’s have a look on SalesBabu CRM and its work functionality.

SalesBabu CRM Work flow & Working Style

SalesBabu CRM – An Online CRM Software which runs on Internet (Web Based)

SalesBabu is first Indian originated CRM application which built on the SaaS platform and become a bone of Indian work nature. SalesBabu Customer Relationship Management application is based on SaaS Model which operates on web browser.

Now a day’s Web based CRM is Success Key for any kind of business because of its Cost and implementation, in comparison of traditional installation based CRM. This helps companies to manage and retrieve data from anywhere at any time, enables you with smart database security concepts, and reduce the dependency upon the system. This helps you to manage all the customer product transaction and interactions within a single platform and allow you to build a better relation with customers and enable you to synchronize all internal tiers like; sales, marketing and support processes.

Standard Modules and Function in SalesBabu CRM

  1. Admin Masters
  2. Dash Board
  3. Lead Management
  4. Account Management
  5. Product Masters
  6. Contact Handling
  7. Follow UP & Activity Master
  8. Opportunity Management
  9. Quotation handling & Amendment Management
  10. Sales funnel Forecast Master
  11. Sales representative Tracking Meter
  12. Pending Orders & Task Scheduling
  13. Sales Order analysis Master
  14. Order Processing & Order Handling Management
  15. Document Collection Management

Who Should Use SalesBabu CRM?

See the question is very simple, but it does depend on each entrepreneur working approach, otherwise in Border sense Everyone can use the SalesBabu CRM.

SalesBabu CRM helps you to manage all the core business where you need to put some extra efforts and business tricks. SalesBabu covers all the aspects of customer relationships tree, from marketing to service. Organizations who want to manage their relationships with customer in a magical & holistic way can come in and use SalesBabu without any late and save money to avoid software development or hardware infrastructure.


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