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What Is Customer Service | SalesBabu CRM

What Is Customer Service | SalesBabu CRM

“Good customer service costs less than bad customer service.”

Customer service meaning

Customer Service is the service you provide to your customers before, during and after sales. Customer Service is considered to be one of the major factors in the business because it ensures the customer’s satisfaction and also encourages the customer to buy more. 

What is good customer service? 

A good customer service is about retaining your loyal customers and ensuring customer satisfaction. A good customer service should just not be a department in the organisation, but should be the whole organisation. 

Good customer service means meeting the expectations of the customers which will involve everything starting from interacting with the customers over messaging channels because they expect the convenience of investing in your knowledge base because they expect to find the answers on their own. Meeting the customer’s expectations pays off: 75% of the customers are willing to spend more with the companies who provide them a good customer experience. Customer expectations have been rising for years, so meeting their needs is not that easy task.

What are the rules of customer service? 

  1. Listen to your customers when they speak because they may stop telling when you are ready to listen. 
  2. Answer their calls, mails and messages because an unreplied message can be annoying or termed as ignored. 
  3. Be thankful and also helpful when necessary. 
  4. Deal with complaints because these complaints are a reason behind improvement. 
  5. Neither make false promises nor give fake solutions. 
  6. Implement a Service CRM software to manage your customer service automation with automated features. Through the use of these customer service automation features, your customers will observe the effort you are putting in.   
  7. Be open to customer feedback. 

The golden rule of Customer Service:

Most of the customer service objectives are tied to a metric. But the golden rule of customer service comes down to the human elements of the customer services. Customers need speed and convenience, but they also are seeking empathy and commitment for the issue that they are facing. 

If a customer call lasts longer than it should because an agent will be having a friendly conversation or also might go above and beyond for that customer, that’s a great service – even if the resolving time was high. If the prospect reaches out to the support to get more information about your product and the agent is understanding, efficient, and very helpful that prospect will remember the experience as a positive one – even if they do not become a paying customer.

Benefits of Customer Service

Benefits of Customer Service

A good company provides the best customer service to its customers which results in high customer satisfaction. A good company becomes great mainly because of good customer service. Good customer service not just helps in enhancing the customer satisfaction but it also improves customer retention and growth of the organisation. The benefits of providing a good customer service is – 

Increases sales 

Sales are the prime factor that helps in the growth of the business. And a good customer service team can help your company to increase sales by their interaction with the customer. 

Customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is also very necessary from the customer’s side. All are aware about the dominance of social media in the present scenario. If you treat them well they may get you two more customers and may also share their experience with ten more. But if they had a bad experience, the whole world may get the information within seconds. 

Increases references

When you provide good customer service to your customers they tend to share their experience with friends, relatives or relatives. Thus, these references generate money through sales. References are a form of positive leads because the chances of references becoming a sale is high.  

Improves word of mouth 

Word of mouth marketing is a form of marketing strategy where the customer shares information or say the experience about a product with one another. This form of marketing is more powerful and effective than any other marketing strategies like advertising, social media postings etc. When you provide a good product as well as a good customer service, the customers tend to share their experiences with others like friends/ relatives and neighbours. 

Organisations spend too much for advertising and marketing of the products. But have you thought about the effectiveness of word of mouth marketing? Word of mouth marketing is the best form of marketing that your customers do for you (without any personal intention) even better than you can ever market your product . It is one of the cheapest forms of obtaining customers and improving sales of the organisation. 

Increases profitability 

Increasing customer service improves the profitability of the business because it reduces the cost in the business, reviews your awards or rewards, improves brand image etc. 

Keeps you ahead in the competition 

You need to keep yourselves ahead in the competition because a good customer service in the business can help you stay ahead of the competition due to improvement in customer service. 

Meeting customer expectations even after you sold your service is really necessary to make long term business planning and for creating your brand. Always try to reach customers expectations. Improve your customer service if you want to improve relations with the customers. Now-a-days there is lot of competition and it is not easy to win the heart of the customers easily. Proactive approach is needed to give effective services to the customers.

Types of Customer Services

  1. Email support 
  2. Social media support 
  3. Live chat support 
  4. Telecommunication support 
  5. Interactive voice responses 
  6. FAQ’s 
  7. Demo videos 
  8. On-site customer service 
  9. Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)
  10. Live answering services  
The Significance of Customer Service Software for Effective Business Operations
Why Customer Service Software is required for the efficient running of the Business?

In the pursuit of gaining the latest customers, it is effortless to overlook the imperative task of nurturing existing customer relationships. Setting up robust customer service practices becomes imperative for both customer retention and the entire growth of an organization. The association  among the customer retention, increased sales, and positive business results, such as improved brand image and revenue growth, underscores the importance of maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. To gain such objectives, a customer service automation system demonstrates to be indispensable in productively tracking and managing post-sales services.

Introducing a modernized technology in customer service is beneficial, considering the obstacles connected with this responsibility. A Customer Service Management Software delivers an imperative role by regulating comprehensive information capture and coaching the resolution procedure for customer complaints. The system can give rise to job cards that involve customer feedback columns, improving both the productivity of service staff and the quality of customer care. Furthermore, it supports managers in allocating tasks among service engineers or technicians.

Such software allows monitoring of Planned Maintenance Service (PMS) visits, pending Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs), installations, outstanding warranties, and other service-related activities. By streamlining workflows and improving organizational efficiency, the customer service management software proves imperative. The cloud-based application enables service employees to update workflow from any location, investing into a more flexible and productive working environment.

Companies are progressively implementing customer service management software to productively monitor and maintain their operations. With an effortless click, workflow can be allocated to executives, leading to enhanced customer retention and satisfaction. SalesBabu Customer Service Management Software regulates maximum profits by centralizing detailings, delivering real-time updates, and organizing customer information such as service history and payment information. The software reduces cumbersome paperwork procedures throughout workflow, streamlining service operations and investing into a more informed decision-making in service departments. Ultimately, it minimizes overhead expenses and scheduling time, creating the service management to be more productive and intelligent.

Overview of the benefits of Service Management Software


You can not just improve your customer service activities overnight. You need to put in efforts in order to satisfy your customers, maintain good relationships and retain them for a longer period of time. A customer service management software and customer service goes hand-in-hand as it is an automated system which comes with various benefits that helps your organisation to provide a good customer service. Use the best customer service management software – SalesBabu Cloud based CRM Software. Visit our website to know more. Don’t waste time and request for a free demo now at SalesBabu CRM Solutions!!

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