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How Monitor Each Activity Of A Sales Team Using Online Sales CRM Software?

Sales CRM Software gives a new element to your business with automation of all activities of your sales team and at the same time it streamlines complete sales process. Sales Management Software enables you to record and monitor each activity of your sales team member. Manage all data related to a lead, close rate with the reason of the abandonment with Sales CRM software. It helps your sales members to work with a focused approach and achieve the set sales target. Sales CRM software empowers you to manage customers with all possible criteria and need. It instantly records sales data, details of products with the region and it never let you to miss a single opportunity.

Sales CRM Software enables you to reduce reporting time and helps company to forecast correctly. Recognise and prioritise top opportunities instantaneously and get all micronized information of sales process. Sales CRM Software enables companies to monitor all deals intimately, advance the sales performance and help you to forecast with accuracy. It empowers company to track all activities and tasks assigned to sales team members and analyse productivity of all team members. Manage leads effectively, fast conversion of leads into customers and record the data of the entire sales process from lead generation to its conversion into sales with the Sales CRM Software.

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Sales Management Software enables you to keep a record of appointments, sales opportunities, details of account and key sales analytics. It also records the complete profile of a lead/Client, contact details and detailed communication during the sales. Software enables you to assign tasks, events and you can instruct a sales team staff to join you for a lead call or set a reminder for company’s manager to share vital sales data. Sales CRM Software provides a platform to efficiently work with responsibility. It empowers you to manage the complete record of all feedback and reminders.

You can automate the entire sales and marketing activities with automation of the Sales Management Software. Process details enrich sales team members of the organisation to improve activities which ensure high performance, effective sales and increased profit. CRM System tracks sales process at every level. It enables you to record all offers and information in the best way and categorizes all details, ensures fast order processing, management of complaint with its database. CRM empowers you to monitor fresh queries, capture interaction and convey information about the product.

Some  Best practices to manage Sales pipeline:

Remember to follow up – The best salespeople will make sure that they follow up with the leads in order to land sales. One of the best ways to follow up the leads properly is to keep reminders which will notify you each time to follow up with the prospect.

Focus on the leads – Make sure that you concentrate on the efforts to your best, most on the sales-ready, high-value leads, and avoid getting distracted by anything that will not push the needle for your business.

Drop dead leads –  It is much more important to focus on the high-value leads, it is also equally important to know when to go off leads. Letting go of a lead is very difficult when you have spent months or weeks building a relationship and nurturing with them. A lead is dead when they are not interested, you do not need to contact them. Identify these dead leads as quickly as possible so that you can move on to the next lead.

Monitor pipeline metrics –  A sales pipeline is a living and breathing entity that changes all the time. So you need to monitor the metrics of key sales that it will produce which also  includes like:

  • Average size of the deals in the pipeline
  • Lifetime of the deal before its closed
  • Number of deals in your pipeline
  • Average percentage of the deals you win.

Review your pipeline regularly – Some of the best organizations will regularly review all their sales and techniques to make sure that they are properly optimized to ensure maximum efficiency and tuning the success.

Create a  standardized sales process – You may notice that your sales reps are employing varying sales techniques. Most of the customers will have a lot of things in common. The truth is that their needs and reasons for buying your product are similar and that you should use the advantage to standardize your sales.

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Some of the main features of sales Management software are as follows:-

Competitor analysis

As its rightly mentioned -” If we don’t take care of our customers, someone else will.” In today’s competitive world of economic market, understanding your competitors is equally important to have a grip over your product’s demand and supply chain. SalesBabu CRM provides facilities integrating with third party vendors and social media websites which can help sales managers and leads can track different reports and statistics on reviews over social media or other web pages. These analysis on our products will help them to understand the market trends of their products and of the competitors. With a detailed knowledge on the demand life cycle of the products, sales team can create more customised and targeted campaigns for our clients for better sales options for the clients.

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Complaint management

Complaining customers are an asset for the business, because they give us an opportunity to improve on our products and process and impress them with better and more productive problem solutions. Tracking every customer’s complaint help in tracking missing links in our business process and help in maintaining a long lasting relationship with our clients. SalesBabu CRM provides a cloud based repository which tracks and records complete information of the reported issue with detailed description on workaround provided and steps followed by customers. Various Subject matter experts and customer service agents can access these complaint tickets and understand the current state of issue and resolve issues at the earliest without any further flowers with clients or other unnecessary steps of time wastage.

Handling customer complaints in an organised manner, gives a positive impression on our work processes to the client and help them to gain confidence in our work culture and create a long lasting relationship with the firm.

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Streamline sales process

The sales team contributes a very critical part of the business model. Features like live location sharing, activity tracking , dashboard followup features and more are very helpful in tracking every activity of the sales processes. The mobile sales app feature in SalesBabu CRM sales management software helps in managing overall sales activities through our smartphones and smart gadgets. A few clicks and quotation, sales orders can be created and shared with the clients in real time. Also, features like auto assignment and notification of the software facilitates in tracking every activity of salesperson and performance at every stage of the sales lifecycle.

Managers can assign work to sales agents as per their current location and also ask them to send important documents to the client while on the the customer client in a jiffy without any struggle for network or hardware requirements. These facilities help in staying ahead of our competitors in closing deals with customers and managing our work over the phone and gadgets at all times from any location. 

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Lead management

Lead Management plays an important role in managing overall business process for the organisation. Starting from collecting leads over different modes of communication to the filtration and further nutring of each lead, sales team need to track every activity of lead to convert them into successful sales. Proper information on each prospective client with his demographic background, interested products, purchase history and more are added to the integrated database which can help to send personalised and targeted sales campaigns to the clients for better sales strategies.

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The sales team plays a very critical role in the overall success of the organisation. Tracking every sales activity help us to organise our work and strategies our future business policies for better profitability and long lasting relationship with the customers.