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Maximize your Organizational Output

In the present competitive market every organisation tries strategies, tips and tricks to survive, perform and create an impact in the economy. With the changing trend and requirements organisations have to adopt changes in order to improve their performance and ability. 

In spite of the indispensable requirement of both sales and marketing driving an organization with the same force, there has been always a constant coarseness in between the two divisions. Marketing people are dissatisfied with the way salespeople handle their leads while sales people always complain of being offered non-serious inquiries to them. It’s a well proven fact that imbalance between the two parties highly depreciates an organization’s chances of generating higher revenue.

Why Discrepancies Are Seen Between These Two?

These differences in thoughts are the result of competing agendas and limited transparency in the process. The process is not completely visible as to what type of output is sent by the marketing department to the sales team. Sales and marketing keep following their own principals and rules and agendas, ignoring the other one. Ironically, in spite of being crucial elements of the same agenda, the alignment of these two streams get difficult.

Why Synchronization Is A Must-Do Here? 

The current market panorama depicts a great effect of globalization and customer centric approach. Products are within easy reach because of advancement in internet technologies, and it’s easier for consumers to check for various varieties of product range, product comparisons, whether product specification matching their needs or not, etc. With a complete change in customer’s buying methods, change in the sales and marketing process gets mandatory. Earlier the sales people were the main point of contact and source of product education to the customers. Now, customers are intelligent enough to extract the product details and reviews directly from the company’s website, which is the main marketing conduit for any organization. With this change, the need of synchronization between the two departments is as important as ever before.

How To Balance The Two?

It needs a well-defined strategy to integrate the two channels of revenue generation as a single platform. It is utmost important to make realize both teams need to work collaterally to increase the revenue and profitability. Here are some steps that you must follow to drive an integrated sales and marketing approach within your organization:

  • Keep a complete visibility upon the data.
  • Sales team is dependent upon management tool such as CRM software. Make it possible that both teams could share data directly with each other. This will also avoid duplication of data on any of the two parts.

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  • Identify latest marketing trends and tactics to implement.
  • Develop a unanimous funnel for both sales and marketing. Often there is seen a disparity between the funnel of the two teams which should be nullified or minimized.
  • Develop a criteria of lead qualification and follow it at all departments symmetrically.

Two ways to maximize your organizational output :

1. Set realistic goals

It is very important to aim very high and push yourself, but also to stay up practical and realistic. Setting up realistic goals and deadlines for your team and yourself will help you to ensure that you can meet those goals at a smooth pace. Employees will feel motivated when they feel very confident in their ability to do a job and setting impossible goals will more likely demotivate them. So you should find the right balance of easy to do and challenging assignments for yourself in both the long and short run, and hence watch your productivity rise.

2. Do your most difficult tasks in your productive hours

Some of the people are morning larks and some of them are night owls. Each one of them has its own cycle of productivity. It is best to figure out about what time of the day you are at the peak and make most of the time. Start with something which is difficult and try to work on that. Try to reduce the distractions and soon you will be on a rhythm. Use the hours in which you are least productive to get low-intensity tasks done. This will also be a good time to check all your inboxes or catch the notifications which you had snoozed

How does a CRM Software help you to align sales and marketing department? 

align sales and marketing department by using SalesBabu CRM

There is huge competition in every industry and every business firm works to increase sales and enhance customer loyalty. The business firm that focuses on alignment of sales and marketing in order to work more productively are the companies which are able to outshine in the market and push their competition into the background. A CRM software provides multiple benefits in order to enhance sales and marketing strategies. They are – 

  1. Enhanced interdepartmental communications 
  2. Centralized database 
  3. Evaluate the tracked leads 
  4. Convert leads into deals 
  5. Enhance lead quality 
  6. Increase deal size 
  7. Make the right use of customer feedback 
  8. Enhance employee productivity 
  9. Save time and efforts

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SalesBabu Cloud based CRM Software 

It is never too late to streamline your business process and improve your organisational performance! SalesBabu CRM software comes with various Sales Force Automation features which automates the sales and marketing activities of the organisation in a single system. The sales CRM software helps the sales reps to reach their destination through smart work. The Marketing Automation also allows the organisation to understand their customers, improve marketing strategies and measure effectiveness. To know more about SalesBabu Cloud based CRM software, you can request for a free demo or you can also visit our website

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SalesBabu CRM Solution is a cloud based CRM Software which helps you to improve your overall business process in the long run. It also helps you to maintain good relationship with your customers and retain them. SalesBabu CRM software is a cost-effective business tool, that you will surely not regret implementing. Cloud computing is another added advantage that helps you to store all the business data and access them with just a single click. Without any further ado request for a free demo, now!!

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