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How Your CRM Helps You Align Your Sales & Marketing Strategy

How Your CRM Helps You Align Your Sales & Marketing Strategy

Success comes from being aligned before you take action. 

The alignment of sales and marketing becomes a key factor to retain existing customers and increase sales. You would have heard or read various articles about  the benefits of using cloud CRM software in a business firm. And when you read the title, you were curious to know how online CRM helps you to align your sales and marketing strategy as well. Here are a few ways through which you can improve your sales and marketing strategies:

1. Enhanced interdepartmental communications 

“If you want to go fast, go alone. 
But if you want to go far, go together”. 

Business is set up with a main objective of retaining in the market for a long time period. If you want your team members from different departments to work together they need to be aligned. There may be miscommunication or absence of communication among the team members can become a reason for inter departmental conflicts. 

Thus, with the help of shared work management software, marketing and sales can enhance efficiency in its working. The CRM software also helps the business to track marketing as well as sales outreach strategies. 

2. Centralized database 

Online CRM software provides the overall information of the customers at a single platform. It provides accurate details regarding your customer’s last purchase, complaints, new purchases, if your prospect has visited your website or if your sales team had pitched about the product etc. 

Thus, the availability of the overall information in a single platform in the CRM software helps the marketing and sales team to have access to all the lead’s contact information. The CRM software also populates the lead contact profile with added data which can be useful for the company background, competitors and interactions with the brand. 

3. Evaluate the tracked leads 

Evaluation of the leads will help you to accelerate the sales process. The lead tracking software in online CRM helps you to get every lead detail is an online cloud based CRM repository, which helps the company’s data to get organised and convert those leads into sales. When the sales representative has every required information about the lead, he need not have to waste much time and be more productive on closing the deal as soon as possible. 

Thus, the lead tracking in the CRM software helps the sales team to align the sales strategy and work more efficiently. It also saves the time and energy of the sales representative. 

4. Transforming Leads into Opportunities

Productively transforming leads into opportunities includes a systematic review of lead detailings, introducing segmentation to comprehend customer deals, and escalating the closure of deals. Several criteria coach the nurturing of leads:

  • Audience

Segmenting leads depending on industry, job title, or particular marketing campaign parameters that supports target customized sales and marketing messages to the appropriate audience. By monitoring audience-based information in a cloud-based CRM database, businesses can recognize positive lead information and strategically convert them into successful sales.

  • Communication channel

Figuring out the media channels where lead presence is imperative. Prospective clients commonly interact on social media networks or perform in community forums. Cloud-based CRM systems seamlessly integrate with email and SMS vendors, allowing the monitoring of leads’ preference and the nurturing of relationships. Imperative customer information gathered through several channels informs where the organization is achieving and where marketing efforts require enhancement to optimize the sales process.

  •  Promising leads

Promising leads are the ones who actively interact, such as visiting landing pages, requesting demos, signing up for free trials, applying, or downloading resources. The moment when sales reach out to such leads, there is confidence that potential customers are genuinely interested and need targeted nurturing to transform them into sales. Such leads represent a potent combination of revenue potential and transformation probability. Demonstrating a systematic and well-organized lead nurturing system is imperative for efficient sales conversion and revenue generation.

Once leads are acquired, connecting marketing automation software to the online CRM system allows for assessment and segmentation, ensuring a streamlined process for continued nurturing and successful conversion.

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5. Enhance lead quality 

The Marketing Automation Software focuses upon concentrating over the target groups by providing information about their personal interests and purchase patterns etc. And not just the existing customers it also helps in the creation of more and more leads ultimate for sales. The sales leads may fall through the cracks of the sales funnel if the sales team judges leads to be a lower quality. Thus, the sales and marketing team improves their data gathering and assessment efforts in order to get better insight on leads. 

6. Increase deal size 

When the lead enters the online CRM there may be useful information regarding the interest, company size, goals etc of the sales leads. Through the marketing automation, leads can provide information about themselves which can be further used for the sales process. With improvement in the data that can be acquired on the lead, the marketing as well as sales team can make better decisions with the leads in the online CRM system.  

7. Make use of Customer feedback 

Obtaining customer feedback can be one of those important and useful aspects after aligning the sales and marketing teams. Once the sales representative has gathered the feedback regarding the customer’s pain points by the customer during sales calls, the marketing team can work on creating new messages in order to refine the product or services provided.  

Mapping the buyer’s journey becomes easy for both the teams to know where each lead is existing in the sales cycle. Thus, it eliminates confusion in further time period about how to communicate with the customer. You can also get an idea about what your customers like about your products and services. 

8. CRM software offers much deeper insights 

Marketing strategies and sale strategies should be evaluated once in a while. CRM software offers access to share all the contact information for both sales and marketing teams. You can always provide the lead contact profile with added information. Useful information like the background of the company, interaction with the brand, or their competitors can be accessed easily.

9. Allows collaboration between the with two teams 

For a successful sales and marketing campaign, the team must share the expectations and goals with each other within the teams. The team must collaborate together to define the strategies of lead management to adopt i.e lead generation, scoring strategies, and nurturing. Instead of working on different goals, organizations can create a bridge that allows the team to work together and generate ideas, expectations and reduce bottlenecks.

10. Avoid duplicating efforts

The marketing and sales team can be able to see where each prospect and lead stud in the buyer’s journey. It becomes easy for the sales team to come up with the targeted content which will suit the segment along the sales pipeline. CRM software helps to increase leads to sales rates. In that way, you will be able to create targeted messaging while the sales team can focus on marketing qualified leads.

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Why cloud based CRM for growing your business? 

The word “growth” in business refers to the success of your organisation in terms of customer satisfaction, profit or revenue and brand image. Once you make the right use of your best CRM software you can improve your business. 

1. Find the right customers at the right time

Finding the right customers at the right time is one of the best ways to improve your business. Both sales and marketing will have complete view of leads and prospects so they can convert leads to sales. 

2. Boost sales efficiency

Online CRM system helps sales reps to manage their work like a pro. The Sales Force Automation finishes the sales activities in a single platform and helps to increase sales force performance as well as profitability by giving you everything you need to sell effectively. It is one such system that automatically tracks all the steps in the sales process. It is meant to encourage your sales reps to document and communicate their field activities.

3. Marketing efforts 

Marketing is playing an essential role in the present scenario. The CRM application provides E-mail, SMS campaigns and PR initiatives in order to fascinate the target groups towards the product.

4. Enhance employee productivity

Online CRM that is basically a cloud based CRM software not only makes your work easier but also provides your employees the facility to complete their assigned work much easily. When they are happy and satisfied with the management of the organisation, they will surely show interest to work better and will also contribute in achieving the organisational goals.

5. Maintain good relationship with your customers 

Your customers will help you sell your products as they can market your products much better than you can. Every customer wants to be recognised as an individual and Online CRM System will help you to make your customers feel valued. When your customers experiences good service and response from you they will surely stay as a loyal customer to you. 

6. Seamless Access

Cloud CRM gives access to the system from anywhere such as in the office or working remotely to any devices like laptop, smartphone, and tablet. For this, all you need is the internet. You and your colleagues can access the database at any time and anywhere like even outside working hours if needed, which is particularly handy for any modern business.

7.Reliable Operation

All the parts are backed up in the Cloud CRM, example cloud has multiple replicas in the cloud. If something happens, that will be replaced and the system will not be interrupted.

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There is huge competition in every industry and every business firm works to increase sales and enhance customer loyalty. The business firm that focuses on alignment of sales and marketing in order to work more productively are the companies which are able to outshine in the market and push their competition into the background. You can use the best CRM which is basically a cloud based CRM application for small businesses as well. If you have not yet got one, then feel free to request for a free demo on our website You will surely not regret the use of Cloud based CRM software for your business. 

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