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Keep Track of Sales Activities on A Single Click

Keep Track of Sales Activities on A Single Click

The sales plays an important role for the success of the business. Sales is one such aspect which plays the role of a bridge between the potential customer’s needs and the product or services which the organisation is offering, to fulfill the needs and wants of the customer. Trust and loyalty are the two reasons why the customer would stick on to your products and services. And when a positive feedback gets passed from one person to another about your organisation, it creates an immense growth in your business through increased brand recognition and sales. 

Visibility To Sales Process

Sales Process :

So what is the sales process? A sales process is a set of repeatable steps taken by the sales rep to take a prospect from the early stage of awareness to the closing of the sale. 

You can view sales activities of yourself and your subordinates diligently and daily schedule the activities of your sales team. It gives you an advance notification through email of the to-do activities of the day, for you as well as all the employees reporting to you. It fulfils the needs of the organization and gives accurate reports. Sales Management Software lets you view – 

  • sales pipeline
  • product wise sales
  • revenue
  • leads status 
  • sales forecasts
  • real time visibility to customer records
  • sales activities
  • sales funnel
  • pending payments against schedule and many more.

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With this software you can handle opportunities and increase maximum conversion rates with your customers or clients. It gives you easy access to all your client interactions. Thus, streamlines your sales process and increases the revenue of the company. 

Some  ways to create effective sales process : 

  1. Find the cause of stalled leads – Adopting the sales process will allow the sales professionals to identify the root cause of the stalled sales. By following a certain set of steps you will be able to analyze whether or not that your actions were sufficient, how many of them you actually needed, and what proved a waste of time. This means that if you work with the sales process you can tell not only what was or was not achieved, but also how was or how was not achieved. 
  1. Improve the forecasting and revenue –  Having a clear view about where your salespeople are in the sales process and help the sales managers to come up with more accurate sales forecasting. Hence, the sales process is a set of repeatable steps, it provides a consistent picture of how many deals that your sales team closes from the given number of leads. This allows you to predict your win rates and also set quotas with more accuracy. 
  1. Interview your sales team – As the sales process is a series of stages that covers the major milestones of the sales. Each and every stage consists of the tasks that a salesperson will follow in the order to advance the lead from one stage to another stage. The first step is to gain a full understanding of what your sales team is currently doing to turn the leads into customers. Interview your sales team to learn their language, strategies they have, and techniques. 
  1. Never miss a follow up – One of the most important aspects of the sales process and winning a sale is to follow-up on the emails and leads on time. During the interactions of the sales, sales reps sometimes forget to follow up with the potential customers. Only this might send the entire sales down the drain. Follow-ups will keep the desire of being alive in the sales.

Advantages Of Online CRM Software 

  1. SalesBabu CRM software comes with an user-friendly interface
  2. It is flexible and powerful system. 
  3. It is a cloud based CRM solution which is accessible from anywhere at anytime. 
  4. It provides default sales stages
  5. It provides some easy and quick to use features like Dashboards, Things to do, Team today, birthday and anniversary wishes etc 
  6. The Sales tracking app enables the managers to know what their sales reps are upto. 
  7. It provides real-time dashboards which gives graphical formulation of the input and expected outputs.
  8. It has the Speedometer and Probability that automatically predicts the sales realization. 
  9. Records and monitor the activities of the sales reps.  
  10. Categorizes customers with all the possible criteria. You can register date wise sales, region, sales details of products to never miss an opportunity.
  11. Helps you to keep automated reminders and alerts. 
  12. Helps you to bifurcate your work with respect to priorities. 
  13. Makes your work faster. 
  14. Reduces the time spent on non-sales activities and promotes work productivity. 
  15. Helps to target customers on multiple sources. 

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How To Enhance Business? 

A growing business needs enough efforts and strategies to meet sales, marketing and customer service. Sales Professionals always try to get more and more opportunities to close deals. You can easily understand which prospects are more interested and which are eating time and not responding properly. Apart from being an effective customer relationship management tool, it improves productivity, provides centralized data, improves inter departmental communication, enhances the marketing and sales process and also helps in future decision making. 

Ultimately the online CRM software helps you to acquire customers, retain your customers and receive feedback. Thus, these factors mainly enhances the business and leads to growth of the business. 

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New Generation Technology!!

Cloud based CRM software  – Online Task Management Software increases the number of qualified sales leads which you can distribute to sales team. Sales Managers can closely keep an eye on every salesperson. Sales team can effectively focus on every lead and you are able to win/ loss analysis which helps you to understand why you failed to convert leads to sales. With the help of CRM software you can attract more and more prospects and customers. You can also learn more about their needs and requirements. The online CRM software monitors the purchase history of the customers and lets you view the order status.

Thus, the CRM software provides overall business information in a single click. The application is certainly a new age expert solution for all Sales related worries.


Usually what happens is, your sales reps do not prefer using the cloud based CRM software and forcefully pushing them towards using an online CRM software,  can be a little difficult in a few cases. They may end up giving reasons like it takes a lot of time or anything like that. Unless and until your sales reps do not enter in the data, you are unable to get the updates in your sales CRM software.

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 Moreover, your sales reps and marketing reps are the ones who are going to use the software daily in order to make their work easier and faster. So it becomes your responsibility to choose an online CRM software which is user friendly and mobile friendly as well. Make them understand how sales CRM software is vital in order to make their work much smarter.

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