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How SalesBabu CRM Works And Who Should Use it?

How SalesBabu CRM Works And Who Should Use it?

All SMEs are well known about the Customer Relationship Software functionality and its advantages in their vertical business processes. Sales process is a crucial tier of your business and companies want to keep a vigil eye on their sales team and their efforts. As we know there are bunches of CRM in worldwide market, but the major thing is that, how to select a CRM for your Business.  Let’s have a look on SalesBabu CRM and its work functionality.

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SalesBabu CRM Workflow & Working Style

SalesBabu CRM – An Online CRM Software which runs on web based services.

SalesBabu is first Indian originated CRM application which built on the SaaS platform and become a bone of Indian work nature. SalesBabu Customer Relationship Management application is based on SaaS Model which operates on web browser.

Now a day’s Web based CRM is the key to success for any kind of business because of its Cost and implementation, in comparison of traditional installation based CRM. This helps companies to manage and retrieve data from anywhere at any time, enables you with smart database security concepts, and reduce the dependency upon the system. This helps you to manage all the customer product transaction and interactions within a single platform and allow you to build a better relation with customers and enable you to synchronize all internal tiers like; sales, marketing and support processes.

Some features of CRM:

  • Workflow automation –  CRM software will help the business to optimize all the processes by streamlining mundane workloads, which will enable all the employees to focus more on the creativity and high-level of tasks.
  • Artificial intelligence –  CRM solutions like SalesBabu will offer AI capabilities to build into their systems which will help to automatically recognize the patterns which are leading to successful sales and it also helps to build more accurate strategies for future marketing efforts. 
  • Marketing automation – CRMs like SalesBabu will offer the functionalities of market automation to automate certain tasks in the funnel. For example, if the system can automatically send the emails to the customers which are set by the marketer or also publish the posts on social media according to the right schedule. The goal of marketing automation is to keep the sales lead engaged and turn them into customers.
  • Analytics – SalesBabu CRM  solutions will offer you built-in analytics tools which will offer insights and also help to boost the satisfaction rates of customers. A marketer can analyze the data and create some targeted campaigns according to it. CRM analytics will also help to track the attributions and provide insights into the quality of customer experience. 
  • Lead management – CRM software will track all the leads of the company, allowing the marketing teams to enter the new leads into the system and analyze all the data about them.
  • Sales automation – CRM system can track all the customer interactions and automate the selected functions of the business sales cycle which is necessary to follow up the leads, attract and obtain new leads. 
  • Individualised customer experience –  CRM is also used to create a consistent and personalized experience for the potential customers across the various marketing channels, which might help to increase the conversions and boost the awareness of the brand.

Standard Modules and Function in SalesBabu CRM

  1. Admin Masters
  2. DashBoard 
  3. Lead Management
  4. Account Management
  5. Product Masters
  6. Contact Handling
  7. Followup & Activity Master
  8. Opportunity Management
  9. Quotation handling & Amendment Management
  10. Sales Forecasting Master
  11. Sales representative Tracking Meter
  12. Pending Orders & Task Scheduling
  13. Sales Order automation & analysis Master
  14. Order Processing & Order Handling Management
  15. Document Collection Management
  16. MIS(Management information System).

Advantages of SalesBabu CRM On-Demand software features

  • Easy to Installation and configure

SalesBabu CRM solutions are easy to install, because of its SaaS platform and take less time in comparison of premise hosted CRM solutions.

Also, features like admin configuration enable users to create role based users and permissions, configure various parameters in the software like company logo, look and feel for employee usage, the currency for payment , product types, user complain types, custom reports and more in just a few mouse clicks. 

These features help to customise the whole software as per the requirement of the company, with easy installation and configuration process.

SalesBabu CRM software collects and records complete information of its clients and prospective customers in a cloud based centralised database. This repository contains complete profile content like name address , previous purchase history of the client along with complaints recorded from these contacts and other useful business information.

Also, this database stores complete information of each products being used in the business with detailed entry of warranty period, purchase and AMS cost, along with other vendor information.

These features help to provide an integrated location for every information used for business processing for the firm and create an organised system of data handling and security.

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Lead Management is one the most critical feature of this software which helps to record complete information of an incoming prospect. Also, these features help to monitor and track them with appropriate activities and follow ups. Lead nurturing and filtering facilities help in engaging only interested clients with targeted marketing and filter out bogus leads and create cost effective sales procedures and marketing strategies.

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Easy to create quotations and sales order automation features helps in creating quick sales solutions for the interested client and nurture them according to their requirements in a more efficient way.

Mobile Sales apps also aids in assisting client with quick turnaround time with live location sharing feature.  These facilities help in quick ticket assignment with closest proximity of the salesperson. 

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  •  Minimum Hardware Investment

SalesBabu CRM On-Demand Software requires minimum hardware investment. The only & mandate requirement to use SalesBabu CRM is internet availability.

  • Easily Scalable

SalesBabu CRM gets easily adapted to the organization process nature and its requirement. It gets fit in all the industry verticals very smoothly. 

  • No Server Requirement

SalesBabu CRM is based on Cloud terminology, thus there is no requirement to maintain any kind of server or any data storage at client end.

  • No Need to Install Software

SalesBabu CRM is cloud based application; hence there is no need to install any kind of software at client machine, which helps companies to reduce their IT Cost to maintain IT infrastructure.

  • Easy to user features

Dashboard and Mobile sales app features are very useful for managing our daytoday work items and handle them in an efficient and integrated manner.  The dashboard is the landing page for various user logins which gives them quick view on their required work items in both graphical and tabular forms. Its help users to get a brief glance all upcoming or pending events for the day or ongoing activities.

Mobile sales app on the other hand, help sales and marketing team to be connected to the business processes at all times and provide efficient all time customer support system. 

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SalesBabu CRM provides automated features of inbuilt reports and sales forecasting tool which help in understanding the market trends and customer shopping behaviours for better and more targeted marketing campaigns . Using these inbuilt and customer reports, sales heads can understand the product demand cycle and other parameters which leads to fluctuation in the demand cycle of the products.

Also, these reports and statistics are useful to track internal performance of the team by tracking every activity of the employees and creating role based reports for understanding performance based on work items assigned to each team member.

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Who Should Use SalesBabu CRM?

The question is very simple, but it does depend on each entrepreneur working approach, otherwise in border sense Everyone can use the SalesBabu CRM.

SalesBabu CRM helps you to manage all the core business where you need to put some extra efforts and business tricks. SalesBabu covers all the aspects of customer relationships tree, from marketing to service. Organizations who want to manage their relationships with customers in a magical & holistic way can come in and use SalesBabu without any late and save money to avoid software development or hardware infrastructure.

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SalesBabu CRM provides an all in-one software solution for managing every aspect of an organisation and creates an organised and automated business solution for every sector of the economic market.

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