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Which is The Best CRM Software For Small Business?

Which is The Best CRM Software For Small Business?

If you are looking for an Online CRM Software to ensure growth to your small business. Before you select a product from the market you must understand that what is your requirement and how CRM software is going to help your business.

Here we would like to make you aware that what are the key factors you should consider before opting the best CRM Software. Once you decide to buy a Cloud CRM Software or you take license to utilize CRM. Here is a checklist for you.

  • Is organizing the complete data of your clients, contact details and queries?
  • Is it capturing all the details of discussion and remarks?
  • Are you able to set reminders for needful follow-ups?
  • Is enables you to access old details of previous meetings, conversations, emails, remarks and phone calls?
  • Will it help you to organize meetings without any clash?
  • Is enables you to manage all tasks and sales team professionally?
  • Have you opted for a cloud based CRM?

As an owner or manager of a small business you will agree that, if you can capture the maximum information about leads and customers, it would give you a database that will be very beneficial for the organisation. 

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Advantages of a good online CRM software

A good CRM will surely enable you to capture all the details of your clients. At the same time CRM would allow you to assign these leads to your concerned employee. CRM helps you to capture project information, contact details, activities and email details to speed up your management process. You and your sales team will be instantly updated with all activities and conversation. At the same time a good CRM keeps all records in the database for future reference and evaluate the performance of each employee using inbuilt report and analysis features. Advantage of the software, It enables you to set reminders for tasks, meeting or call with the all possible remarks or notes. It would give the filtered data of leads, opportunities, assigned tasks and results with all possible micronized details captured by you in the database of Customer Relationship Management.

A good cloud based CRM software for small businesses will automate and streamline pre and after sales activities. Real-time updated record of all leads, details, contact information, conversation and all activities will empower you to take the best decision. CRM will help to identify repeat customers, manage AMC/Warranty and Complaints effectively. It will enable you to manage Installation, Service Quotations professionally to secure customers loyalty.

Some of the key features of a cloud CRM software which can transform a small business to a big business venture.

Streamlined Sales process

SalesBabu CRM is one such sales management software which can streamline every sale process starting from lead tracking to quotation creation, automated sales order generation and more. Every information of the lead stage is recorded in centralised database with complete information on the various sales tracking activities and follow up events. This organised system of sales process tracking and targeted campaigning help in streamlining the overall sales process and improve the efficiency of the staff and overall revenue generation for the firm.

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Real Time information access

In many small scale businesses, getting real time information of a lead is very important to track and nurture them further. SalesBabu CRM provides a cloud based centralised database which can record and track every information on clients and prospects leads. Information like demographic background, personal preferences, interested product details, and more. All this information can be accessed by different stakeholders at any time using various access based user logins.

Other information like quotation details on an ongoing sales deal, sales order sent to clients or payment stages of various deals etc, can be quickly fetched from this centralised repository which will help sales agents to close better and faster deals.

Enquiry Tracking and Lead Management

SalesBabu CRM provides enquiry tracking and lead management facilities where the software can integrate with various third party vendors to track and record various lead on different modes of communication, social media websites and other sources. All information on these leads are recorded and used for further filtration and nurturing of these prospects for more efficient sales closures. This sales management software also provides features of enquiry tracking and management into an integrated database which will have complete information of the issue reported and every detail needed for the issue to get resolved. Features like auto notification and assignment help in the quick assignment of tickets to sales agents who can start working on the issue immediately after its raised and close them faster.

Lead Management plays a very important role in managing overall incoming sales business for the firm and help in revenue generation for the firm.

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Enhance employee productivity

A general notion about small scale business is to have work extra hours to manage the overall business process for the firm. In many cases, employees are overburdened with repetitive and non productive work which reduce the overall productivity of employees. The first step to make it big in the economic market is to keep your employees more productive and efficient to perform well in the current competitive market.

SalesBabu CRM provides various automated features to help the employee to complete their work with more productivity and efficiency. Mobile sales app features help to stay connected to the centralized database through smartphones and gadgets and help employees have a balanced work life balance. Mobile sales app also provide live location sharing features which help managers and sales leads to manage individual work items of different sales team member in more detail and track them more adequately.

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Efficient customer retention

Efficient customer care services is another great feature of SalesBabu CRM which help in handling overall customer management and maintain long lasting relationship with them. After sales support from SalesBabu CRM enables companies to handle customer complaints and provide efficient inventory and ERP management for organisation.

Some benefits of cloud CRM: 

  • Access to automatic updates – For the IT requirements accessing automatic updates might be included in your service fees. Depending on your cloud computing service provider, your system will be regularly updated with all the latest technology, This also includes up-to-date versions of software, as well as upgrades to the servers and power of computer processing.
  • Reduced IT costs – Moving to cloud computing will reduce all the costs of managing and maintaining your IT systems. Rather than buying expensive systems and equipment for your businesses, you can reduce all these costs by using and implementing cloud computing resources. You may be able to reduce most of your operating costs because:
    • You no longer have to pay wages to the expert staff 
    • There are fewer time delays 
    • The cost of the upgrades of the systems, new softwares and hardwares might be included in the contract
    • Your energy consumption costs might be reduced.
  • Business continuity – The important part of business continuity planning is protecting your data and systems. Whether yours is a natural disaster, power failure, or some other crisis, having all the data stored in the cloud will ensure that it is backed up and protected in a safe and secured location. Being able to access your data quickly will allow you to conduct all the business, as usual, minimizing any downtime and loss of productivity. 
  • Collaboration efficiency – Collaboration in the cloud environment will give your business the ability to communicate and sharing very easily outside of the traditional methods. If you are working on the project across different locations, it will be easy to use cloud computing for giving the employees, contractors and third parties access to the same files. You can choose a cloud computing model in such a way that it will make it easy to share your records with your advisors.
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SalesBabu CRM is an efficient sales management software which can bridge the growth of a  small scale firm to a big organisation. It provides features which are required to manage overall business processes and automated menial jobs for maximum productivity of the staff and overall management processes.

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